Things Most People Don’t Know About Flying

While most experienced travelers know where to look to findcheap travel dealssuch as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,there remain some fascinating facts about flying that remain unknown to manypeople.

The following are things fliers are generally unaware ofwhen it comes to air travel, according to Megan Snedden:

  • Foodtastes differently when flying because peoples ability to taste salt and sweetdrops inside the cabin. Taste budssensitivity drops by approximately 30 percent while in the air because ofdryness and air pressure. Other tastes,including spicy, sour, and bitter remain the same as on the ground. The average passenger loses about two cups ofwater for each hour spent in the air because of cabin dryness.

  • Thecaptain and copilot are never given the same meal while flying. This is done to ensure if one pilot becomessick due to food poisoning the other pilot can maintain control.

  • Onlong distance flight pilots sleep in shifts often resulting in four peopleflying the plane. Pilots are required bylaw to get a minimum amount of sleep during a shift. Between flights they must get at least 10uninterrupted hours of rest.

  • Regardlessof how strong a particular passenger may be, it is impossible to open anairplane door during a flight because of cabin pressure. While there have been a few scary incidentsof passengers trying to open a plane door while in the air, thankfully this isimpossible.

  • If youperceive that your flights are becoming rougher over time,that may in fact bethe case. Air turbulence isworsening. The amount of carbon dioxidein the air affects flight turbulence. Experts project turbulence will intensify between 10 to 40 percent by2050. Fortunately there are only 30 to60 cases of turbulence related injuries each year, with two thirds of thoseinjured being flight attendants.

  • Commercialflying has only been around for a little more than 100 years. The first passenger to pay for a flight didso on January 1st, 1914. Theflight lasted 23 minutes and cost $400.

  • Inaddition to the President and Vice President of the United States always flyingseparately, so does Great Britains Prince Charles and Prince William.

  • Allairlines fly with built in lightning protection systems. Passengers are less likely to experience anin air lightening related disaster than if they were standing in an open field.

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