Recommended Male Travel Day Bags

After thoroughly reviewing your cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould spend a little time considering whether you own the ideal travel day bag.

It can be challenging to pack light these days given allthe books, magazines, phone, iPad, lots of different chargers, cords andaccessories you may want to carry.

A good backpack or shoulder bag is a must something thatfits all of your gear and looks decent while you are carrying it around theairport.

The following are tips for shopping for the perfect travelday bag, according to Carl Unger:

  • Youwill want easy access so that you can get your gadgets in and out of the bag effortlesslywithout having to empty the entire bag.

  • Constructionis important. Invest in something wellmade, particularly if you travel a lot. Travelers bags tend to be shoved under airplane seats, manhandled byairport security, and possibly crammed into overhead bins.

  • You want to purchase a right-sized, notsuper-sized, bag. Something that willaccommodate your needs, but is not unnecessarily cumbersome or bulky.

  • Comfort is important. Day bags usually accompany you whileexploring your destination.

The following are travel day bags that are ideal fordifferent kinds of travelers:

  • GeniusPack Intelligent Travel Backpack is perfect for an organization nut. This is the bag for guys who want everythingit its right place. Included is a tiny(labeled) pocket for keys, zippered pouch for sunglasses, integrated pop outmicro umbrella, a laptop sleeve, mobile device charging capabilities, and acompact integrated speaker.

  • MercerMessenger Bag from Brenthaven is designed for the stylish gadget lover. This bag comes with a classy leather exteriorand features an integrated portable charging supply, padded sleeves for laptopsand tablets, and lots of pockets for cords and other accessories. Added padding on the bags bottom provides anextra gadget cradling effect.

  • OliberteFlora Rustic Brown Pullup is for the socially conscious explorer. This company focuses on sustainable sourcingand supports its sub-Saharan African workers rights. Oliberte makes someterrific, durable bags. Its Flora bagis a simple leather rucksack, made with care and of high quality. This is a purchase you can feel good about.

  • MensEstate Saffiano Leather EW Messenger Bag from Fossil is for thetraditionalist. This bag appeals to menwho value simplicity. Its spaciousinterior has plenty of room for a laptop and/or tablet, books, headphones, andother travel essentials. Exteriorpockets are perfect to hold phones, passports, and keys. Its leather and brass details give it a nice,understated touch.

  • SwamisBackpack from Nixon appeals to men who want to be a littledifferent/funky. This is a roll topbackpack that comes in several bold patterns. It is inexpensive and offers a lot of space, comfort, versatility and alifetime warranty. This is a unique bagand particularly handy for an avid traveler.

  • BaileyWorks253 Courier is for the mature skater punk. This bag is popular with bike messengers because of its ruggedconstruction and thoughtful details such a reflective strip and waiststrap. These bags are made in the US andare highly customizable. There arealmost 20 colors to choose from and add-ons like cell phone koozies and a waterbottle holder.

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