Healthy Pint Sized Travel Products

After properly planning a trip in part by carefullyreviewing available cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap car rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, thelast thing you want to do is get sick on your trip.

Unfortunately cramped planes, tainted water, and generalexhaustion has resulted in many a traveler becoming ill while vacationing.

The following tiny travel products can help you feel greatwhile traveling, according to Caroline Morse:

  • TheAir-protector is a disposable, anti-bacterial cover that can be placed overyour tray table (which is often the most germ infested place on a plane) orheadrest that provides protection against germs and bacteria.

  • Aportable mini travel bottle-cap air humidifier, such as one from AGPtEK,enables you to breathe in clean, moist air regardless of where you are staying. Dry air makes people more vulnerable tobacteria, which can result in sickness.

  • Handsanitizer is a must since you might not always have access to clean runningwater and soap. Suggested uses includeapplying to your hands before you eat, after visiting an airplane bathroom, oranywhere else where germs reside. Ideally you should go with an unscented hand sanitizer, for the sake offellow fliers. Purell with aloe helpsmoisturize as well as kill germs.

  • Salinenasal spray, like the one offered by Ocean, helps offset the much drier airinside plane cabins which in turn lessens the chance of you picking up germs.

  • TheTravelon anti-microbial blanket is a 100 percent fleece, travel size blanketthat is treated with an anti-microbial agent that inhibits bacteriagrowth. Given that airline blankets areoften not washed between flights, packing your own travel size blanket onlymakes sense.

  • Sanitizingwipes work in places where hand sanitizer will not, such as when you want toclean a hard surface such as a picnic table or airplane video screen. Individually wrapped sanitizing wipes areusually preferable since they do not dry out.

  • A waterpurifier water bottle is a must if you are headed somewhere where there is notpotable water. Staying hydrated isalways important, but even more so when you are traveling. The LifeStraw water bottle enables people toturn any water into something drinkable due to its built-in filter that removesbacteria and parasites.

  • Aportable toothbrush sanitizer comes in handy if you want to brush your teethwhile traveling in places such as an airplane bathroom or storing it in a lessthan clean hotel bathroom cup. Beforeputting this toothbrush in your mouth sanitize it with the Oral SteriClean, aportable case that uses UV light to kill any bacteria sitting on yourtoothbrush.

  • A cellphone sanitizer is smart given that studies have shown than most cell phonesare host to more bacteria than a public bathroom door handle or toiletseat. Keep your phone, tablet, and otherelectronics clean with specially designed sanitizers such as the WirelessWipes. These gentle cleansers do notharm electronic screen but help keep germs away.

  • Compressionsocks, such as the ones from Travelsox, help stimulate blood flow, reduceswelling, and prevent DVT. Long flights,drives, or train rides can put travelers at risk for blot clots, which canoccur any time sometime is sitting stationary for extended period of time, aswell as those who are 30,000 feet in the air.
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