Most Popular Island Unknown by Americans

Finding cheaptravel options, such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages issometimes easier than agreeing on a vacation destination. If an island vacation sounds enticing, thenyou should consider visiting Tenerife which is in the Canary Islands.

Over five million tourists travel annually toTenerife. This is mainly an islanddestination for Europeans who in only a few hours transit time are able toenjoy the subtropical climate of this beautiful island. Brits, Germans, and Spaniards are the mainvisitors to Tenerife.

They flock to this island is the same way Americans head toFlorida and Mexico once temperatures start to drop. The island is only a two hour flight fromMadrid and about 4 & hours from London and Frankfurt. It is about a nine hour flight from New York.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is locatedjust west of Morocco, a North African country. This small island is a part of Spain and its food and culture reflectsits Spanish origin.

Tenerife is divided into two regions: the north and thesouth. Landing in the north visitors seea lush blanket of trees and vegetation. Because this region is subject to heavier rain, it is home to sprawlingvineyards, banana plantations, and local farms. It is also where you can see black sand beaches. Here the weather is more temperate, andlocals make up most of the population.

The north is where you can find quaint Spanish towns suchas Garachio. Nestled in the northwestcorner of the island, Garachio is a must visit for anyone looking for a quietescape. There are natural pools on theshore where tourists and locals swim when the tide is low.

Dining on the north side can be a memorableexperience. Traditional dishes areflavorful in part because of their simplicity and freshness due to locallyproduced ingredients such as fish, potatoes, and bananas.

Tenerife was formed after millions of years of volcanicactivity. Mount Teide is a majesticvolcano that can be viewed from almost anywhere on the island on a clear day.

One of the highlights of any visit to Tenerife includes a tripto Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits 12,200 feet abovesea level.

One of the most popular destinations in the south of theisland is the city of Costa Adeje. It isa little more luxurious that other parts of the south, and home to a variety ofmodern five star hotels and many excellent waterfront restaurants.

Visiting Tenerife in the winter is a great way to takeadvantage of sun, food, fun, and culture. It is on the cool side in the winter with light jackets oftennecessary. In the summer it warms up,the beaches fill, and the island comes alive. Tenerife is called the Island of Eternal Spring.
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