Business Travelers Expect More

Business travelers are not satisfied any more simply by purchasing cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms. Many business travelers need to work while in their rooms and are looking for a clean spacious hotel room with a desk that has ample work space, good light, a comfortable chair, and plenty of easily accessible outlets.

Studies are showing that more business travelers not only are working while in hotels on business trips but also working longer hours. Over two thirds of 1,001 business travelers recently polled acknowledged working in their hotel rooms. 65 percent said that they are looking for a lot more from a hotel than just a clean room and comfortable bed.

Companies are expecting a lot more from their traveling employees these days. Employees in turn feel the need to turn in a strong work performance to retain their jobs. Often there are fewer people doing the same or more work.

The availability of high speed Internet access has contributed to travelers working longer hours. Often they work in their room after dinner for several hours. Communication never ceases with the advent of Internet, email, and the cell phone.

Hotels are increasingly reinventing their lobbies, transforming them into work and social areas that offer improved comfort and more atmosphere than traditional business centers. Many business travelers prefer working in communal areas vs. their hotel rooms.
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