Eating Healthy While Traveling

As many experienced travelers know, it is easier to find cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms than it is to eat healthy foods when traveling. Whether your trip is for leisure or business, your unfamiliarity with the area and/or a constant rush of activities may make it tempting to stop for fast food whenever hunger strikes.

The following are steps you can take while travelers to maintain a healthy regimen:

Pack your own meal before flying or taking whatever mode of transportation. By doing so you will not be faced with paying for an expensive, and typically unhealthy prepared meals offered by airlines.

Drink plenty of water during your trip. Avoid soda and an excessive amount of alcohol, which will help minimize jet lag.

Keep plenty of bottled water, fresh fruit and healthy snacks, such as granola bars or fiber cookies, in your hotel room.

Stay away from fast food because such food is often high in fat and calories. When you want to eat out, look for meals that include healthy components such as fresh vegetables and lean proteins.

Eat breakfast. This meal helps prime your system and prepare you for a full day of activities or business meetings. Choose a breakfast high in fiber and protein, such as whole grain toast with peanut butter. Such food gives you instant energy and fills you up until lunch.
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