Airlines Reaching Out to Business Travelers

Airlines know that it takes more to appeal to business travelers than simply cheap airplane tickets and discount travel packages. In fact one of the reasons business travelers are so important to airlines is because often they are willing to pay more to fly.

To attract business travelers, who frequently purchase expensive last minute airline tickets, and sometimes are willing to pay much higher fares for premium seats, airlines are:

Rapidly refitting their premium cabins with bed-like seats on international flights.

Speeding up access to the Internet on flights.

Creating space in coach class for those willing to pay more for specially designated coach sections that provide additional legroom.

Customers willing to pay for premium seats are few in number but spend disproportionately on airfare and thus are particularly attractive to airlines.

In flight Wi-Fi service is becoming regarded as a must have feature. Virgin America was the first airline to offer Wi-Fi throughout its fleet. Now, to stay ahead of its competition, it plans to offer an Internet connection that is four times faster by early August.

To appeal to business travelers unwilling to pay for premium seats, airlines have come out with seats being variously called economy plus economy comfort and main cabin extra that come with more space than normal coach seats as well as early boarding and often a quicker pass through security as part of the package.

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