Search is on for Man Responsible for Munich Airport Security Breach

Passengers ready to enjoy to cheap airplane tickets and cheap discount hotel rooms, were detained Wednesday when a middle aged passenger left a screening area with his laptop after it triggered an alert for possible explosives. Security personnel lost track of this traveler and his computer after he had passed through a scanner.

Police acknowledged that the man who grabbed his laptop and left prior to it being inspected may have been unaware that security wanted another look at his computer and may have boarded a flight shortly before the airport was shut down.

In response to this incident all passengers were evacuated from the terminal and required to clear security checks a second time.

100 flights were delayed and 33 cancelled as a result of this security scare.

German police have stated that they are searching for the man responsible for this incident but stressed that he is not wanted for any criminal matter. Police claim that they only want to talk to this man.

Police stated that traces of perfume or oil may have set off the security device.

Of course, since the laptop was never re-examined it is impossible to know why it triggered explosive airport alarms.

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