Human Bed Warming Service Now Being Offered

Travelers looking for something more than just cheap airplane tickets and cheap discount hotels rooms are now being offer human bed warming service at three Holiday Inn hotels in Britain. This is a trial run which will be re-evaluated at the end of January.

Volunteer hotel staff members at two of the chains London hotels and one in Manchester will dress in all in one fleece sleeper suits before slipping between the sheets.

Holiday Inn has compared their new bed warmers service to being a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed.

The bed warmer is outfitted with a thermometer to measure the beds temperature with the goal of hitting a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Holiday Inn says their warmers will be fully dressed and leave beds prior to guests occupying them.

According to Holiday Inn, this bed warming test is a response to Britains cold weather and marked the launch of 3,200 new Holiday Inns worldwide.

Holiday Inn likes the fact there this test will be regarded as quirky and is drawing much more publicity that if they simply offered to warm beds with hot water bottles or electric blankets.

Warm beds are believed to help people sleep.

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