Tips When Traveling Alone

Dont let cheap airplane tickets, cheap vacation packages, or discount hotel rooms slip through your fingers because you do not have anyone to travel with you. When traveling alone you have complete freedom and independence. You dont have to wait on your partner. You decide where to go, what to do, and when. The biggest challenge to traveling by yourself is loneliness.

The following are some tips of how to avoid getting lonely when traveling solo:

There are plenty of natural meeting places. Consider staying in hostels which usually have common areas frequented by guests. Bed and breakfast spots often have owners very open to conversation. City walking tours are yet other ways to easily meet and interact with other travelers.

Instead of eating alone in a formal restaurant, consider trying a self service caf, a local fast food restaurant, or a small ethnic eatery. Stop at a supermarket and pick up food you can eat in a square or a park. There is plenty of good people watching and window shopping to be had in decent size cities.

If you want company when you eat, frequent crowded places that force you to share a table or ask other single visitors if they would like to join you. When you meet tourists during the day suggest dinner plans.

Instead of staying in during evenings and feeling lonely consider visiting an Internet cafe and emailing news to friends and family. You may want to check out the night life by walking through well lighted streets and do some people and window shopping.

If traveling on your own is not your thing and you do not know anyone who you would like to join you on a trip, consider joining a tour. With a tour all of your hotel rooms are arranged for in advance, as well as most of your activities, and you will have other tour guests to keep you company.

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