Tips for Keeping Pets Safe while Traveling

Pet lovers who want to travel with their pets often are on the lookout for cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms. However the safety of their pets while traveling is also a major priority.

The following are safety tips for traveling with pets:

Pack a copy of all vaccination records so that this information can be accessed promptly in the event of an emergency. Remember most kennels require such information if you decide to board your pet.

When traveling by car, dogs should wear safety harnesses and be placed in the back seat to avoid being harmed by a front seat airbag being deployed during an accident.

Always bring your dogs collar and leash on trips.

Your pet should wear up to date tags that include a contact phone number (ideally a cell phone number).

Pack a pet first aid kit that includes tweezers to remove ticks, eye wash to flush out wounds, antiseptic moist wipes, gauze, adhesive tape, and scissors.

If driving, bring water and food that is part of your pets everyday diet to avoid stomach problems.

If room permits, bring your pets crate or favorite bed or blanket as well as preferred toys.

Before your departure contact hotels you will be staying at to confirm they allow pets and confirm what, if any, additional fees they will charge for your pets

A little planning in advance can go a long way to ensuring your pets travel as well as you do.
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