No Passports Required Exotic Beaches

Cheap traveloptions, such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,often provide the impetus to travel. However, many exotic destinations require Americans to first apply for aU.S. passport, which some regard as too much of a hassle.

The following are world class beaches in exotic localesthat do not require anything more complicated from U.S. citizens than a flightto get there and enjoy, according to Patricia Magana:

  • PlayaFlamenco, Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico is viewed by many as the world finest beachbecause of its brilliant white sand and crescent shape. It is located just east of Puerto Ricoproper. Beachside kiosks rent everythingneeded for a perfect beach day, including snorkeling, sunbathing, camping, or justlounging about enjoying a tropical drink.

  • Playade Pajaros and Playa Sardinera, Isla de la Mona, Puerto Rico have no permanentresidences or tourism infrastructure. Its two most picturesque beaches, Playa de Pajaros and Playa Sardinera,accommodate visitors and camping, though they are limited to 100 at atime. Playa Uveros, Playa Mujeres, andPlaya Brava on the southern side of the seven mile wide island are consideredmust visit beaches. Cave explorationsreveal petroglyph secrets from Mona Islands pre-Columbian Taino residents.

  • TrunkBay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands is famous for its beaches which should be onanyones beach bucket list. St. JohnsBay is near one of the first snorkeling trails in the Caribbean. The 225 yard snorkel trail leads swimmersthrough one dive site to the next, with plenty of sea life to be foundthroughout the swim.

    Since the island of St. John has noairport, visitors must access its scenic beaches by taking a ferry from anearby larger island, St. Thomas. St.John is for those who prefer a more peaceful island life.

  • MagensBay Beach, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands is surrounded by lush mountains thatmeet the sand and its multi-hued blue water, and is considered one of the mostbeautiful beaches on the planet. Thisbeach is a family favorite in part because of its lifeguards and how cheaply itcan be reached from the East Coast. Thisbeach runs a mile long between two land masses, keeping the mondo waves at bay.

  • TurtleBeach, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands is part of the Buck Island Reef NationalMonument. Its silky white shores areperfect for sunning. Snorkeling off theshores of Turtle Beach is considered among the best in the Caribbean. Buck Island is uninhabited and is an isletoff St. Croix that can only be visited by kayak or chartered boat.
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