Imagine Disney Parks without Long Lines

Cheap airplane tickets and cheap vacation packages help draw millions of visitors annually to Disney theme parks. However, its reputation for long lines may be keeping many potential visitors from coming.

Disney has announced a number of technological initiatives on the horizon which will enhance future visitors park experiences. One such initiative is giving guests the ability to reserve ride times online before leaving home. Another would enable guests to bypass the hotel check-in desk.

These initiatives are aimed at making visits to Disneys increasingly crowded them parks easier to plan and less intimidating to navigate. Disneys ultimate goal is to continually welcome more visitors while making their experiences more satisfying, more personal and more immersive.

At present Disney is offering a complementary FASTPASS service that saves guests place in line for select attractions while they enjoy the rest of the theme park. A new much more extensive reservations system is being developed at an estimated cost of over one billion dollars and is already one year in the works.

Disney wants to create a version of FASTPASS for an entire Disney vacation. Future guests will be able to reserve specific ride times for popular attractions, secure seats assignments for shows, make restaurant reservations and pre-book other activities prior to leaving their home for vacation.

Guests will also be able to obtain their room keys in advance, eliminating the need to stop at hotel desks to check in. Guests will be able to either proceed immediately to their rooms or a theme park upon arriving at Disney.

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