How to book your holiday 2022 flights

According to Michael Salerno, at Gannett, don't delay: Industry experts suggest travelers book their flights as soon as possible. Now through Oct. 20 is when consumers will find the best airfares for Thanksgiving and the December holidays. Higher prices and limited options are likely after mid-October.

Start looking now and if you see what is an acceptable price, jump on it, as the prices will generally not go down from here.

Save money by flying off-peak: Avoiding peak travel days can result in savings. You could save during the Thanksgiving holiday an average 5% on airfare by flying on the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday before the holiday instead of Wednesday.

A week can make a world of difference when shopping for the best price, even a day…

Of course, nobody wants to fly on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day, as you might expect, prices are lower many times these two days.

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