European Airports May Pass On Costs of New Security Measures

Europes airport trade body has warned that the cost of any new security measures (full body scanners in particular) can not be absorbed by most airports and would likely result in driving up the price of cheap airplane tickets and other forms of cheap travel.

There is an average of 800 flights daily between Europe and the United States.

Currently, the European Union is leaving it up to its member countries and airport operators to determine if they want to use body scanners.

Unlike in other parts of the world, almost all the countries in Europe refuse to pay for aviation security, leaving the individual airports the responsibility for funding. Security costs were 35 percent of Europe airports operating costs in 08, vs. just 8 percent in 01.

Currently only a couple of airports including Londons Heathrow and Amsterdams Schipol are committed to install full body scanners which enable operators to see through clothing

Full body scanners currently cost between $145,000 and $180,000 each, not including the additional expense for training, and creating space to accommodate them.

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