Conflicted Feelings about Visiting The Dominican Republic

Even though cheap fares and cheap vacation packages are available to visit the Dominican Republic, tourists who had planed on vacationing in the Dominican Republic are reconsidering whether this is the best time to be visiting this country.

Some feel that it would not be easy to relax in the Dominican Republic while so many others are suffering in Haiti, located on the other side of the island both countries occupy.

Other tourists believe that they will be supporting the Dominican Republic by going. This is a very poor country and tourism supplies many of the jobs on the island.

People who encourage visitors to go to the Dominican Republic say that those who cancel their vacation plans will be contributing to higher unemployment and that such decisions negatively impact Dominicans financial well being.

The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism has announced that their resorts are operating normally and that it has offered aid to Haiti.

Countries such as the Dominican Republic and Haiti rely on tourism. How can people stop visiting these countries help? Should people who change their travel plans and vacation in Hawaii instead feel less guilty about enjoying themselves?

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