Canada Adding Full Body Scanners to its Airports

Cheap travel and even cheaper discount travel packages carry little allure unless prospective passengers can be assured of their safety.

Canada fully appreciates the importance of traveler security and is purchasing 44 full body airport scanners. 12 of these machines will be installed by the end of January with the rest being operational sometime this spring. Only travelers boarding US bound planes will be subjected to these scanners.

According to Canadian authorities, they are taking this security step at the request of Washington. Toronto, which handles the countrys most air traffic, and Vancouver, home to the Winter Olympics in February, will receive the first scanners.

Travelers who do not want to be subjected to full body scanners can opt to be given a physical search instead. Fliers age 17 and younger will not be required to be scanned.

Security personnel will also be looking for suspicious behavior that will result in their going through enhanced screening.

Britain, Nigeria and the Netherlands have previously announced that they will be adding full body scanners to their airports.

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