Airline and Airport Winners

Often travelers looking at cheap travel options, whether cheap airplane tickets or cheap vacation packages, find comparable prices offered by multiple airlines and multiple airports. In such cases other factors need to be considered prior purchasing air travel.

FlightStats has announced its annual list of airlines delivering the best on-time performance. On-time is determined by the percent of an airlines flights that arrive at their gates within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival times.

Airports with the highest percentage of departures from the gates less than 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time were also recognized.

FlightStats tracks over 150,000 flights daily and has been monitoring on-time performance since 2004. According to FlightStats It has become very clear with our discussions with on-time performance winners around the world that achieving sustained operation excellence requires a focused effort from all employees.

Alaska Airlines was the North American airline with the highest percent on-time flights. For the second consecutive year Alaska earned the top spot, with an on-time performance record of almost 88 percent. The average on-time performance of all airlines was a little over 75 percent.

The regional North America winner was Hawaiian Airlines with an on-time record of almost 92 percent. This was its third consecutive win and compared to an airline average of just under 76 percent. Hawaiian was helped by the fact that it primarily flies in good weather and does a lot of island hopping.

All Nippon Airways was the major international airline winner, turning in an on-time performance of slightly over 90 percent. Japan International Airlines also came in with an on-time performance of over 90 percent vs. the airline average of less than 78 percent.

In the airport rankings, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport came in first among major international airports with an on-time performance of over 86 percent vs. the average of 71 percent.

Salt Lake City International Airport won among major North American Airports with an on time performance of a little under 87 percents vs. an airline average of just less than 77 percent. Portland (OR) International Airport came in a close second with over 86 percent of its departures on-time.

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