Travelers are often better versed in how to identify cheap traveloptions such as cheap airplane tickets,discounthotel rooms, discount traveldeals, and cheap vacation packages,than they are in understanding the common things that many travelers do thatinadvertently harm their health.

The following are disgusting details about these seeminglyinnocuous activities identified by Caroline Teel:

Walkingthrough airport security barefoot exposes you to all the barefoot people thathave passed before you and however long it has been since the floor have beencleaned. The only way to combat walkingon a filthy floor is to keep a pair of socks on.

Athletes foot exposure is not the onlyconcern. Many assorted things fall offpeoples shoes. There might be smalltacks or sharp pebbles that could cut you and result in infection. If someone who has been on a farm and thenwalks through airport security, you may be exposed to fecal matter.

Notsanitizing after using airport security bins exposes everything you place inthe bin to a germ hotspot that is teeming with bacteria. Random tests of bins used to collect shoes,bags, and untold other items revealed the presence of dangerous bacteria. One bin yielded evidence of fecal matter atlevels high enough to make people sick. Think twice about taking your cell phone out of an airport security binand promptly placing in on your face to make a call. Make certain to wipe every item you pick upfrom a bin with sanitizer before using it.

Drinkingfrom water fountains could harm your health. Pregnant women, children, and people who are sick are mostvulnerable. Harmful pathogens live onselect fountain and cooler spouts including e-coli and legionella, which cancause gastrointestinal problems as well as pneumonia-like symptoms. A recent test of 20 public water fountainsand water coolers across Toronto found that half of the spouts tested containedbacteria levels that were too high to count.

Usingyour phone while eating can be dangerous. Studies have revealed that smartphones on average are quite filthy andcarry all kinds of bacteria. When youswitch between eating with your hands and touching your phone screen with thesame hands, you are providing an easy route for bacteria to get into yourmouth. If you are determined to use yourphone white eating, sanitize your device with disinfectant wipes prior todigging in.

Notwearing flip flops or slippers in a shared bathroom such as in a hostel or agym, can expose you to fungus that causes athletes foot. The same is true walking around your privatehotel room. Hotel carpets provide anideal breeding ground for organisms such as athletes foot fungus.

Touchingyour hotel room remote exposes you to what is often the dirtiest object in ahotel room. Think about how many peopletouch the remote in your hotel room, and then consider how rarely it getssanitized. Make a point to slip a clearbag over your remote prior to using it.

Notwearing shoes in an airplane bathroom exposes you to untold germs. Plane turbulence often results in mysterypuddles on airplane bathroom floors.
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