After thoroughly reviewing your cheap traveloptions including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,flying home for the holidays does not have to be greeted with deep seateddread.

Recent surveys have found that holiday travelers do notlove everything about the experience of traveling home for Christmas. The follow are stress-melting holiday traveltips:

Flyearly (as early as 6 am) or drive late. The first flight of the day is often the most affordable and flyingearly means there is less of a chance that your flight (and any connectingflights) will be delayed. Plus, if aflight is delayed, there is more time for you to catch a later flight. If you are driving to your destination, startafter dark when the roads are almost always emptier.

Lookinto flying on Christmas Eve. A red-eyefrom Cali for NYC on Christmas Eve, for example, is a surprisingly peaceful,drama free way to get home for the holidays.

Mailyour holiday gifts ahead of time. Wrapyour presents (and bulky winter coats, if so inclined) and ship them to yourdestination ahead of time to save time and money on the whole checked-baggageexperience. Pack an empty expandable bagso if you end up acquiring multiple gifts and you do not get a chance to mailthem home, you will have something to carry them in.

Appscan make flying easier. Download yourairlines app so that you will have easy access to any delays and cancellationsat your airport and any connecting airports. The MyTSA app helps travelers keep updated on their airports securitylines and wait times.

Reserveground transportation in advance. Bookahead of time with a shuttle service or private driver who will be waiting foryou on arrival.

Beprepared to turn a delay into an adventure. Look at an unexpected flight delay as a good thing and embrace your freetime to explore whatever city you are stranded in. A flight cancellation is not a disaster, ifyou approach it as a travel adventure.

Dontassume that there is no place like home for the holidays. Consider going your own way over theholidays, at least every so often. Surveys have found that 7 out of 10 travelers are not all that happyabout staying with relatives. Caribbeanbeaches, European cities, Orlando. or Las Vegas may make your holiday all themerrier.
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