Travel Tips


8/14/2017 - Tips on Communicating in a Foreign Country
The following is how to communicate effective when you do not speak the native tongue, according to Lynn Addison:

8/10/2017 - Make Your Phone a Full-Service Travel Center
Make certain you load your airline’s app since it will allow you to review your reservation, check in, and have a mobile boarding pass

8/3/2017 - Packing Tips for a Summer Vacation Rental
What many vacationers do not realize is that their rental properties may be woefully understocked

8/1/2017 - Achieve Your Vacation Objectives
The following are common vacation objectives and suggestions as to how to attain them:

7/18/2017 - Get Paid for Flight Delays or Cancellations
Flight delays, cancellations, and overbookings seem to dominate headlines regarding travel these days.

7/14/2017 - Tips on Surviving Flights in Basic Economy
The bad news for some fliers is that the cheapest tickets from many airlines now only come without an unassigned seat

7/10/2017 - Tips for Traveling Safely and Calmly
This does not mean that you should reconsider your travel plans.

6/2/2017 - Tips on Making Effective Travel Complaints
Problems often happen on trips and hotel bookings sometimes get mixed up,

1/4/2017 - Money Saving Vacation Tips
The following are money saving tips to consider when planning your next vacation

3/2/2016 - Free & Almost Free Travel Specials
There are a number of things we expect for free when traveling such as Wi-Fi in hotel rooms