Travel Tips


6/2/2017 - Tips on Making Effective Travel Complaints
Problems often happen on trips and hotel bookings sometimes get mixed up,

1/4/2017 - Money Saving Vacation Tips
The following are money saving tips to consider when planning your next vacation

3/2/2016 - Free & Almost Free Travel Specials
There are a number of things we expect for free when traveling such as Wi-Fi in hotel rooms

3/2/2016 - Tips for Finding the Best Seats in Economy
The following are suggestions on how to find the best economy class airline seats

5/4/2015 - Tips on Finding Best Fares to Hawaii
This is particularly true when planning a trip to Hawaii - a destination on almost everyone’s bucket list, but one that is not particularly cheap to visit.

5/27/2014 - Helpful Travel Tips
The following are assorted travel tips that may help you better enjoy your next trip:

5/26/2014 - Make Travel More Affordable
The following are suggestions from Smarter Travel on additional steps that can be taken to make travel even cheaper:

3/3/2014 - Travel Saving Tips
The following are tips on how to save money once on the road from Budget Travel’s readers:

1/30/2012 - Tips on Locating Discount Hotel Rooms
Typically after having researched cheap travel options and purchasing cheap airplane tickets the next challenge is finding discount hotel rooms.

11/14/2011 - Tips on Finding Cheap Fares
Most people look for cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms or cheap vacation packages prior to finalizing their travel plans.