Travel Tips


1/4/2017 - Money Saving Vacation Tips
The following are money saving tips to consider when planning your next vacation

3/2/2016 - Free & Almost Free Travel Specials
There are a number of things we expect for free when traveling such as Wi-Fi in hotel rooms

3/2/2016 - Tips for Finding the Best Seats in Economy
The following are suggestions on how to find the best economy class airline seats

5/4/2015 - Tips on Finding Best Fares to Hawaii
This is particularly true when planning a trip to Hawaii - a destination on almost everyone’s bucket list, but one that is not particularly cheap to visit.

5/27/2014 - Helpful Travel Tips
The following are assorted travel tips that may help you better enjoy your next trip:

5/26/2014 - Make Travel More Affordable
The following are suggestions from Smarter Travel on additional steps that can be taken to make travel even cheaper:

3/3/2014 - Travel Saving Tips
The following are tips on how to save money once on the road from Budget Travel’s readers:

1/30/2012 - Tips on Locating Discount Hotel Rooms
Typically after having researched cheap travel options and purchasing cheap airplane tickets the next challenge is finding discount hotel rooms.

11/14/2011 - Tips on Finding Cheap Fares
Most people look for cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms or cheap vacation packages prior to finalizing their travel plans.

10/10/2011 - Tips on Finding Cheap Fares to Europe
Cheap travel options including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms and cheap vacation packages to Europe are available so long as your expectations are realistic. Flights to Europe are cheaper now than they were at the beginning of the summer th