Travel Articles


1/1/2018 - Protect Your Valuables While On the Road
The reality is that purses get snatched, pockets get picked, and a hotel safe is not always available

12/4/2017 - Which Airlines Offer More Legroom?
Selecting the airline which offers the most legroom

12/1/2017 - Learn from Travel Mishaps
An even smarter person/traveler learns from the mistakes of others as well.

11/24/2017 - Carry-on Packing Tips
The following are tips for packing a week’s worth of clothes

11/24/2017 - Minimize the Downside of Holiday Flying
The following are suggestions as to how to avoid the worst things about holiday flights according to Christine Sarkis:

11/20/2017 - Dealing with Illness while On the Road
Getting sick while traveling is far worse that missing a flight or losing your luggage.

11/14/2017 - Should PreCheck Prescreening be made Free?
The Department of Homeland Security wants to sign up 25

11/9/2017 - Stop Paying for Overweight Bags
what would you think if you could weigh your bag simply by lifting it off of the ground?

11/6/2017 - Uncover Little Known Airline Loopholes
The following are “travel hacking” tips

11/1/2017 - Simple Checklist for Travel Abroad
Get your travel documents in order well before your departure date.