Travel Articles


6/14/2017 - Classy Durable Filtered Water Bottle
While on the road, drinking filtered water throughout the day can be difficult, if not impossible.

6/9/2017 - Should Air Traffic Control be Privatized?
Lawmakers have started to question whether the move of air traffic control from the Federal Aviation

6/5/2017 - Tasty Ways to Save at Disney World
The following are insider tips for navigating the park’s food scene that won’t cost you a fortune

6/2/2017 - Top Travel Socks
Wearing and packing the right socks when traveling can make a very positive difference.

6/2/2017 - United Determined to Avoid Future Customer Service Disasters
United has announced a series of changes it is making to prevent a repeat of what happened

6/2/2017 - Visit Endangered UNESCO Sites in the Americas
The following UNESCO sites underscore the importance of preservation and invite adventurous travelers to explore them

5/24/2017 - Fly Business Class on a Budget
The following are ways to affordably move up to business or first class, according to Eric Rosen:

5/22/2017 - Good Looking Walking Shoes
The following are walking shoes that perform like athletic sneakers as well as are stylish

5/18/2017 - Don’t Let Hearing Loss Interfere with Travel
The following are some travel tips for the hearing impaired from Katherine Bouton

5/16/2017 - Steer Clear of Sneaky Airline Fees
The following are some common fees on domestic flights and ways that they can be bypassed or at least lessened