Mother-Daughter Travel Tips

While cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets,discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, arewhat often make mother-daughter trips possible, once you add in the stressfulelements of travel (such as flight delays and jet lag) emotions can escalatequickly when you are traveling with someone that you have a close, andsometimes complicated, relationship.

The following are tips for enjoying drama freemother-daughter trips, according to Ashley Rossi:

·       Timing is everything.  Leave extra time for activities by not overschedulingyour trip.  There are good reasons fordoing this at every stage of life.  Youngdaughters might require extra time for diaper changes, or you might be dealingwith teenage angst.  If traveling with anolder mother, you may need to leave time for walking at a slower pace or takinglonger breaks between activities.


·       Going at the right time is key.  Each stage of life presents unique rewardsand challenges.  If you are taking a oncein a lifetime trip, pick a time when you are at an ideal age gap for yourdestination, a time when both parties can make the most of thedestination.  It might make sense to waituntil your daughter is of drinking age to go to Napa or going to Machu Picchuwhile your mom is still active enough to trek.


·       Prudently select your destination andactivities.  Consider selecting adestination that is completely new to both of you.  That way one person does not take totalcontrol because they have been there before which is a dynamic that can easilyresult in arguments or disappointments.


·       Destinationsthat can be perfect for mother-daughter trips include:

For active travelers: Sedona, Arizona

For a relaxing retreat: The Cotswolds, England

For the non-planners: River cruising in Europe (France orPortugal especially)

For the trendy mom: Todos Los Santos, Baja California,Mexico

For beachgoers: Barbados

For shopping: London, England

For wildlife seekers: Vancouver Island, Canada or TheGalapagos, Ecuador

For outdoor enthusiasts: Maine

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