Stuff You Should Never Buy at Airports

After having carefully planned an affordable vacation byreviewing available your cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, and cheap vacation packages, itwould be a shame to overpay for purchases made at an airport.

Good deals are rarely found at airports.  Captive consumers coupled with expensiveoperating costs at stores’ airport locations usually result in overpricedmerchandise.

The following are things you should never purchase at anairport, unless you have done research ahead of time and can compare costs,according to Caroline Costello:

·     Duty-freemerchandise.  Just because items areavailable from a duty-free shop does not mean that they are a goodbargain.  While you can savesignificantly if you are a smoker who lives in a state with high taxes,electronic goods, beauty products and luxury items such as designer purses usuallycost less at home or online.


·     Foreigncurrency.  Currency exchange desks atairports often charge travelers expensive transaction fees.  A cheaper strategy is to get foreign currencyby taking money out at an ATM in your destination.  This way you will usually get the bestinterbank exchange rate which is often much better than the rates offered atairport exchange counters.


·     Bottledwater.  The Vapur Anti-Bottle is anattractive alternative to purchasing overpriced airport water bottles.  These bottles are foldable, reusablecontainers that can be filled at a water fountain after you have gone throughairport security.


·     Souvenirs.  Plan in advance and purchase your souvenirsbefore arriving at the airport.  Airportsouvenir shop prices are usually dramatically higher than prices found elsewhere.


·     Neckpillows.  Instead order your neck pillowonline prior to departure and monitor sites for special offers and sales.  Recently the MemorySoft memory-foam travelpillow was sold on Amazon for $13. Another good choice is the Travelrest pillow which sells for $24 online.


·     Restaurantmeals.  Restaurants usually charge higherprices for the same menu items at airport locations than they doelsewhere.  Instead bring your lunch fromhome or avoid sit down restaurants and look for more affordable snacks such asgrab and go fruit.


·     Wi-Fi.  While many airports offer free Wi-Fi, somecontinue to charge people to access the Internet while waiting to depart.  Instead of simply paying a fee try to getconnectivity for free.  Sit near theentrance of an elite flier’s lounge or in an airport hotel lobby, both of whichmight offer free Wi-Fi that is not password protected.  Alternatively look for your terminal’sStarbucks. 


·     Magazineswhile abroad.  Imported U.S. magazinescost a lot more than those sold at home and sometimes sell for well over theirlist prices at overseas airports.


·     Aparking spot.  Frequently you can findlower prices at off airport site parking lots. For example, at Newark Liberty International Airport parking at thelong-term airport economy lot costs $126 for a full week vs. parking at “TheParking Spot” an off-airport service nearby that charges a weekly rate of$69.95.


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