Top Travel Apps

Once you have reviewed your cheap travel optionsby checking out cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould make certain that you have the best travel apps loaded on your phone.

The following apps will address many of your most importanttravel needs, according to Daniel Bortz:

·     Netflix’sapp comes with a “download” feature to select and watch TV shows and movies onphones and tablets without an Internet connection.  If you are uncertain what to download, checkout Netflix’s “Available for Download” menu that displays all downloadablecontent in one place.  Given thatdownloading and streaming consume similar amounts of data, you should use a Wi-Ficonnection, instead of a cellular one, while downloading. 


·     The 7Minute Workout app from Johnson & Johnson helps travelers stay inshape.  The app offers over 20 pre-setworkouts that vary in intensity and duration that can be customized to fit yourfitness level.  The app also talks usersthrough proper form and recommends different workout programs as your enduranceincreases.


·     Eatwithconnects travelers with locals in over 130 countries so that they can enjoytruly immersive cuisine.  From dinnerparties to food tours to cooking classes, this app offers a variety of culinaryevents that enable travelers to wine and dine with hosts at theirdestinations.  This app searches for foodexperiences by price range and filters searches based on dietary restrictionsincluding vegetarian, vegan, and Kosher meals.


·     Nearify enablestravelers to find live music, comedy, film screenings, and other entertainmenton the go.  This app uses your locationto inform you of concerts, festivals, cooking classes and sports games going onin your area.  Currently this app isoffered in New York City, Boston, London, Mumbai, and hundreds of other citiesaround the world.  Nearify can send you,upon request, a personalized list of events at the location of your choicebased on your preferences and tastes.


·     RoomierTravel is a hotel app that enables users to take advantage of great hotel dealsfrom people who can’t use theirs. Travelers score special rates by purchasing non-refundable rooms fromother people who previously made reservations. 


·     LoungeBuddyenables travelers to escape noisy, overcrowded airport terminals by providingaccess to coveted airport lounges.  LoungeBuddymembers can enter over 280 airport lounges across the globe.  Passes start at $25, but the app lets usersgain complimentary access depending on which Airline credit cards you hold.  Searches can be filtered by lounge amenitiessuch as alcoholic drinks, showers, or kids’ playrooms.


·     Rome2riohelps maximize vacation time by getting you from point A to point B fast andeasy.  By entering the town, address orlandmark you want to visit this app will display flight, train, bus, ferry, anddriving options with estimated travel times and prices.  This app also shows users cool things to doat their destinations.


·     Duolingoshows travelers how to speak like a native. This app enriches vocabulary by offering short lessons in Spanish,French, German and over a dozen other languages. 


·     SoloTravellerhelps travelers find like minded individuals and make new friends while travelingby connecting them with other solo travelers in the same city in realtime.  It can save you money by pairingyou with people to share taxis, tours, or other travel expenses.  Find travel mates nearby by searching forpeople based on age, gender, and interests.


·     Jet LagRooster helps beat jet lag by providing a personalized, hour by hour plan tohelp travelers overcome jet lag.  Afterentering your flight details and sleep pattern information, this app creates acustomized guide suggesting the best times for bright light exposure (i.e.,sunlight) and melatonin to help your body clock adjust.

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