Must Pack Over-the-Counter Meds

While preparing for a trip usually involves reviewingavailable cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheapvacation packages, you should also prepare a list ofover-the-counter medicines that should be packed.

Depending on your destination, you may also need someprescription medications and/or vaccines for things like malaria and altitudesickness.  If you are traveling for anextended period of time, participating in a physically demanding trip, orheaded to a remote country, you should visit a travel clinic prior to yourdeparture.

The following are over-the-counter medicines that should bepacked for every trip, according to Ashley Rossi:

·     Pepto-Bismolor Imodium are anti-diarrheal medications that can come in handy regardless ofthe destination or type of trip.  Thoughdiarrhea is most often caused by contaminated food or water, it can happenanywhere at any time.


·     TUMS orPepcid are antacids that help deal with stomachaches or heartburn.  Such symptoms often appear when you aretrying new food and drink.


·     Claritinor Zyrtec combat allergies that sometimes appear when you are traveling,especially when you are headed to another climate.  They combat symptoms including a stuffy nose,itchy eyes, and sneezing.


·     Bonineor Dramamine combat motion sickness.  Fewthings can ruin your trip faster than motion sickness on a plane, train, bus,or cruise ship.  Instead of confiningyourself to a trip of nausea and dizziness bring medicine to offset thesymptoms.  Benadryl, an antihistamine canalso help with motion sickness, but often results in drowsiness.


·     Ricolaor Halls drops help suppress coughing. Travelers are at increased risk for getting sick since their germexposure rises significantly while on the road. Cough drops typically bring temporary relief to a sore or ticklishthroat and help minimize coughing, so fellow travelers are not annoyed.


·     Sinex orSudafed decongestants help fight off colds or allergies.  They can relieve congestion and clear yourhead.  Be careful to select a non-drowsykind if you will be taking them during the day.


·     Tylenolor Advil help fight pain and fevers. They can also help with common travel ailments such as achy feet or jetlag induced headaches. 


·     MiraLAXor Dulcolax are mild laxatives that hydrate, ease, and soften stools withoutcausing harsh side effects.


·     ZzzQuilor Tylenol PM are mild sedatives that can help tired travelers get to sleepquicker.  Often travelers find themselvesin a noisy place or are so jet lagged that they can not sleep.  These sleep aids help people feel refreshedand ready for whatever the next day brings.

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