Ideal Convertible Travel Clothing

After you have reviewed your cheap traveloptions, such as cheapairplane tickets, cheapfares, cheapdeals, discounthotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youmight want to consider investing in some convertible clothing before your nexttrip.

Are you sick of paying checked baggage fees and sitting onyour suitcase trying to get it to close? Convertible garments do double duty on the road, allowing you to havemultiple looks without packing multiple pieces.

The following are some of this year’s best convertible travelclothing, according to Sarah Schlichter:

·     Zip-offpants from Columbia enable the wearer to enjoy both hiking pants and shorts inthe same garment.  Columbia offers a widerange of convertible pants, which feature legs that zip off above theknees.  Saturday Trail II makes women’spants that are made of lightweight, stretchy fabric that repels water andstains.  They are available in short,medium, and long for a better fit. Silver Ridge Men’s convertible pants come with a partially elastic waistfor comfort and wicking fabric to keep the wearer cool.


·     TheExOfficio Wanderlux Convertible Skirt is a simple black skirt that is moreadaptable than most.  It can be worn as acomfortable knee length skirt during the day for sightseeing, dress it up witha nice top for dinner, or turn it into a strapless mini dress for a completelydifferent look.  Made of a quick dryingfabric blend which is treated with an antimicrobial finish which means thisskirt for be worn for multiple days without odor concerns.  There is a hidden security pocket where apassport or other small items can be stowed.


·     TheNic+Zoe 4-Way lightweight cardigan keeps wearers warm on a chilly airplane orin an air-conditioned restaurant or museum. This cardigan has three quarter length sleeves and can be worn in avariety of ways to change up the look: loose and open, crisscrossed and buttoned across the front, or twistedor tied shut.


·     MountainWarehouse travelling stretch convertible men’s shirt is ideal for visiting adestination with a changeable climate. Its lightweight, stretchy fabric and underarm mesh air vents keeps thewearer cool, and its long sleeves roll up neatly into a button cuff totransform this shirt into a short sleeve shirt. It will help protect the wearer from the sun with UV 50 protection.


·     Meme etMoi Indie sandals are pricey, but when purchased you are really getting twopairs of shoes in one.  These handcraftedshoes come with both a flat heel and a higher heel of your choice, with bothchunky and stiletto options available. The flat version is ideal for walking around during the days, with thehigher version perfect for evenings out. These sandals are available in black and brown and made of soft suedewith a non-slip rubber sole.


·     BillabongSo Right Sarong comes in fun tropical patterns and is generous in size.  It can serve a variety of purposes on avacation, from a beach blanket to a casual skirt to a cover-up for abikini.  It can also worn as a scarf orturban or draped over a person to keep her warm on a plane. 


·     NormaKamali convertible stretch Jersey maxi dress has a striking asymmetrical hemand a bodice that can be styled in three different ways:  over both shoulders for a more conservativelook, over one shoulder, or tied at the back in a sleek, strapless style.  The stretchy, mid weight dress slips over thewearer’s head and is machine washable. Since it can be dressed up or down with different shoes and accessories,it is a versatile pick for multiple nights.


·     Coolibarunisex convertible boating hat offers as much or as little sun protection asneeded.  It can be worn as an ordinarywide brimmed sun hat or the neck drape can be lowered (which folds into thebrim when not in use) to cover the neck and upper back.  The drape has snaps so that it can befastened over the front of the neck if desired. This hat is crushable for easy packing and blocks 98 percent of UVA andUVB rays.


·     3-in-1jackets from Columbia come with a warm inner layer and a waterproof shell thatcan be worn either together or separately, depending on the weatherconditions.  Carson Pass InterchangeJacket from Columbia is made for women and comes in over a half a dozen colorsand has a fleece lined hood with removable faux fur trim.  Columbia’s Northbounder Interchange Jacket formen has an adjustable hood and zippered pockets to protect valuables.


·     FreePeople Movement Going Places Convertible Pants keep women comfortableeverywhere from their airplane seats to a yoga class on the beach.  They can be worn as wide leg pants with aseparate top or pulled up a few inches to turn them into a one-piece straplesstube top for a fun, laidback look.  Theycome with pockets where a phone or other small items can be stowed.


·     TheLululemon Vinyasa Scarf is one of the most versatile pieces of convertible travelclothing available because it has snaps that can be used to pin the fabric incertain positions.  In addition towearing it around a neck, it can be fashioned into a cardigan, shawl, shirt, orairplane blanket.  This stretchy, sweatwicking scarf is available in assorted colors and patterns, making it easy tomix and match with the rest of a travel wardrobe.

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