Travel Plastic Free

Once you have made your reservations after checking outavailable cheap travel optionssuch as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould spend a little time thinking about how you can travel green.

Plastics cannot biodegrade and will only sit in a landfill orocean unless they are recycled.

Travel goods such as sample sized toiletry bottles and otherdisposable items are some of the biggest contributors to plastic waste.  Plastics are not only clogging our oceans andharming wildlife.  Their harsh chemicalscan also be a health hazard to humans. While passing on a plastic straw in your drink is a good start, youshould consider how else you can extend that habit to your travel necessitiesas well.

Traveling plastic free is easier than many think and meansupgrading to reusable travel items so that you can stop using disposableplastic versions.  Some of the followingproducts will even allow you to travel waste free which is easier on both whatyou have to transport and the environment, according to Shannon McMahon:

·     Use barshampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. Affordable options include sulfate free shampoo bars, detanglingconditioners, moisturizing soap options that won’t strip sensitive skin anddeodorant bars.  Another plus is that youwill not need to remove solids from your bag when going through airportsecurity checklanes.


·     Selectan electric or bamboo toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes cut back on waste since you will only dispose ofsmaller brush heads.  If you would prefernot to carry another chargeable item, battery powered Quip toothbrushes areboth charge free and portable, with a cover that doubles as a mount you canstick to any mirror.  If you want aplastic free option, bamboo toothbrushes are cheap and often come with amatching travel case.


·     Buyclothes made from plastic bottles.  Ifyou are attracted to buying high performance travel gear that will be durable,you should consider brands that are creating new clothing made from plasticbottles.  Recycled plastic clothing isusually durable, yet cozy, and repurposes dozens of plastic bottles perpiece.  Popular versions includeEverlane’s ReNew collection of high-end jackets and fleece layers, andGirlfriend Collective leggings.


·     Switchto metal razors with removable single blades. Unfortunately for safety reasons these blades are not allowed onplanes.  Multi blade cartridge razors areallowed on planes since their blades cannot be wielded as a weapon.  Reusable options such as Bulldog’s bamboorazor with steel cartridges can reduce plastic waste significantly if youtravel with disposable razors.


·     Purchasea stainless steel water bottle which will last longer than a plastic bottle anddoes not have the negative health implications to which plastics arescientifically linked.  Stainless steelbottles from Klean Kanteen or S’well can also double as hot and cold cups.


·     Travelwith silicone reusable bags or Bee’s Wrap. Reusable silicone bags work well both at home and while traveling,whether you are storing food or stashing accessories.  Silicone is generally a non-toxic rubber, whichmakes it a good plastic alternative even though it is not biodegradable.


For a more natural option, organic andbiodegradable Bee’s Wrap is a washable beeswax coated cotton made for wrappingfood.  While it works similarly tosilicone bags, it will not be totally water tight.

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