Travel with only a Carry-On

Once you have reviewed your cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, youshould do your best to determine how to travel as light as possible.

Given airline cutbacks, overbooked flights, and variousdelays, that are plenty of reasons why traveling with only a carry-on ispreferable to checking a bag:

·     Yourluggage remains in your sight so there is less risk of loss or damage.


·     You willnot have to jump through hoops to retrieve your possessions if you miss aconnection and get stranded overnight.


·     It isless expensive when you don’t have to pay checked baggage fees.


·     You willsave the time otherwise spent waiting at baggage claim.


Whether you goal is to avoid overweight baggage charges or tokeep your belongings close at hand in the overhead bin, the following tips willhave you zipping through security in no time according to Maya Stanton:

·     Prepareto rewear.  Check the weather at yourdestination, count the number of days you will be away, and determine how manyoutfits you will need.  Consider whetheryou will be a lot of walking, hiking, or working out, as well as whether youwill need to change into something nice for dinner.


·     Packtwice as many pairs of underwear and socks as you think you will need and planto mix and max a collection of basics for everything else.  Other than undergarments, you should be ableto rewear your basics at least twice. Since shoes and bulky top layers take up the most space, select a fewmust have items and work around them. Wear your things that will take up the most space on the plane.


·     If youwill be traveling in basic economy, you likely will not be given access tooverhead bin space.  Your carry-on willhave to fit under the seat in front of you. A slim backpack with a 24-liter capacity, such as Cotopaxi’s Nazca packor Timbuk2’s Never Check Expandable pack are good options. 


·     Placetoiletries at the top of your bag where you can easily pull them out forscreening.  Do not worry about theliquids rule that says you can carry as many as 3.4-ounce bottles as you canfit in a clear, plastic, quart sized bag. You can usually experience no problem going through security with yourliquids in a toiletry bag instead of a Ziplock so long as the individual bottlesare not larger than the prescribed 3.4-ounce volume.  To streamline your toiletry kit considersubstituting solid perfumes and facial bar soaps or wipes instead of liquidversions.


·     Pack atleast one bag to store what you pick up while traveling and/or travel withenough room in your bag to accommodate potential purchases on your trip.  If you have no extra luggage space, remembermany stores will ship purchases back for you. If you are going to purchase something big and/or heavy on your travelsand your bag is already heavy, look into using a mailing service instead ofpaying your airline’s overweight baggage fee. 

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