Overcome Common Travel Anxieties

While you have every reason to feel good after planning yournext trip by carefully reviewing your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, cheapdeals,  discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, it isnot uncommon once traveling to try to recall whether you locked up everything,turned everything off, and remembered everything.

The jitters and worries that accompany the excitement offlying off to a distant locale are common to even the most seasoned frequentflier.

The following are anxieties that can strike when embarking ona journey and ways to help ease those nerves recommended by experts, accordingto Erinne Magee:

·     The fearis your plane will malfunction.  Thereare so many back up systems in place on board a plane that it is highlyunlikely for something major to go wrong. Takeoffs are stressful for some fliers because stress hormones build upas a result of a series of things happening one after another.  The engines rev, the pitch changes, theengine exhaust sounds, the acceleration pushes passengers into their seats, theplane bumps down the runway, and the overhead compartments shake.


Try the 5,4,3,2,1 exercise to release stresshormones.  Stay in the moment by namingfive things you see such as someone reading a book.  Then switch to five things you hear, such asa fan.  Move on to touch and identifyfive things you feel.  Go back and repeateach sensory step with four new things, then three, then two, then one.


·     The fearof crowds being overwhelming and/or strangers intimidating you.  Depending on your history of socialinteractions, or one’s physiological tendencies towards social anxiety, beingaround a lot of unknown people can trigger a sense of potential threat and lossof safety.


Respond by thinking that others around youare feeling the same way and have their own goals.  You should start thinking about what yourspecific goals are in this setting.


·     The fearof an incomplete to do list.  Some peoplesuffer from a constant feedback loop. “Did I remember everything?  Did Ibring enough cash?  Will my kids be okay?  Did I pack enough?  Will my luggage make it?”  Such thoughts can be paralyzing. In today’shectic, tech driven society people often feel swamped and overwhelmed and proneto forgetfulness, or anxiety about making mistakes. 


Advance preparation, such as writing a listto follow before you leave helps.  Also,you need to realize that solutions will exist even if you forgotsomething.  The preferred attitude is “Ican always adapt and find a solution at hand.”


·     The fearof weather challenges.  For some weathercan be an obstacle to planned activities. To others, it is a safety issue. Today planes can handle any kind of weather, and if the destinationairport has state of the air guidance systems on runways, landing can be madeautomatically in almost any weather.


You should respond to weather worries byreminding yourself that your safety is more important than your plans and thatcountless travel experts are making informed decisions.


·     The fearthat you do not speak the language or know the culture of your planneddestination.  Such a fear could meanforgoing rich cultural experiences and/or missing out on meeting new people. 


Remind yourself that it is not the end ofthe world if you commit a social faux pas or encounter a different way of doingthings that you don’t understand.  Trygoing with the flow to broaden your horizons and gain new perspectives.  Also learning a few common phrases in thelocal language and researching the customs of your destination before headingto the airport can make your trip all the more enjoyable.


·     The fearof getting sick while traveling. Although it is true that the stress of travel and shifting time zonescan lower your immunity and you may encounter bugs that you have lessresistance to in new places, if you are generally in good health you should befine. 


Do you best to avoid illness while travelingby taking care of yourself with proper sleep and hydration.  Prepare as needed by bringing medications andinvestigating health care options at your destination in advance.  Tell yourself that you are capable of takingcare of yourself and enjoying new experiences, even if you catch a smallillness.

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