Top Travel Neck Pillows

Once you have planned your next trip after a thorough reviewof cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, and cheap vacation packages, youwould be well advised doing a little research into the best travel pillow foryou vs. simply picking one up at an airport gift shop.

The proper structure and support of a neck pillow makes allthe difference on a long flight.  Youwant a pillow that keeps your head upright. Too much moving up and down will result in you waking abruptly.  Lean too much to one side or the other andyou will wake with a crick in your neck. 

Portability and design are also important.  You want a neck pillow that does not take uptoo much space in your carry-on or comes with a case that attaches to yourbag.  You don’t want a pillow that isgoing to be up against your face coming into contact with airplane germs. 

The following are neck pillows sold by Amazon that shouldhave you deplaning well rested and refreshed, according to Maya Stanton:

·     Cabeau’sEvolution S3 pillow comes with firm memory foam padding up to the ears, a cool,quick drying fabric to keep you from overheating in fluctuating cabintemperatures, adjustable chin straps for a customized fit, and more straps thatattach to your seatback to keep it all in place.  Weighing less than 12 ounces, at six incheswide by five and a half inches high, it easily rolls up to a quarter of itssize to fit inside its included travel case. Priced at $40.


·     Travelrest’sthermo sensitive memory foam pillow is utilitarian and provides substantialcushioning without making you sweat, even with a plush velour cover.  This well-padded headrest has an angled backthat does not force your head forward, and a Velcro tab under the chin thatallows you to adjust the fit.  It comeswith a set of earplugs and a small bag to carry it in.  Priced at $40.


·     The BCOZZYpillow is quite cozy by virtue of its cushiony filling that keeps your chinfrom dropping mid-nap and a soft microfleece fabric on one side and micro suedeon the other.  This pillow is ideal forovernight flights, or those lasting six or more hours. This pillow is bulkierthan other neck pillows and does not squish down much though it has a Velcrostrap that will attach to your carry-on handle. Priced at $30.


·     The Trtlpillow is ideal for fliers committed to traveling light.  It folds to take the least amount of room inyour bag.  Its scarf-like style offers aunique form of support:  instead ofbracing your head at 360 degrees, a fleece covered plastic insert nestles intothe side of your neck to prop you up while you sleep, and the fabric wrapsaround to secure it snugly in place. This pillow is ideal for travelers wholean to one side or the other while they sleep. Priced at $30.
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