Pack In-Flight Necessities

As important as cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, cheap auto rentals, and cheap vacation packages arewhen planning an affordable vacation, packing the proper gear in your carry-onwill help make your flight a breeze.

The following items available from Amazon, unless otherwiseindicated, will make your time in transit as enjoyable as possible, accordingto Maya Stanton:

·     Avoidelectronic device outages with Anker’s extremely small (just four inches longand weighs under five ounces) power bank (PowerCore 5000) that sells for $22.


·     Travelrest’smemory-foam neck pillow is a very highly rated nap time tool.  Its under the chin support keeps users’ headsfrom dropping.  This Travelrest UltimateMemory Foam Travel Pillow comes with an angled back that cradles users’ necks perfectlyand a velour cover that feels comfortable against cheeks and sells for $40.


·     Escapethe noise on flights with ISOtunes Audio Professional Noise IsolatingEarbuds.  These Bluetooth earbuds comewith a noise reduction rating of 27 dB and a variety of foam tips that are muchmore comfortable than Apple’s hard-plastic AirPods.  These earbuds provide 10 hours of playbacktime and sell for $87.


·     Organizeyour essentials with Flight 001’s in-seat organizer that provides labeledpockets and pouches for your tablet, cell phone, passport, and more.  Unfold it and hang it from your tray table’shook, or keep it zipped and place it in the seatback pocket in front ofyou.  This Seat Pak Pro goes for $40.


·     Keepmoisturized with a good lip balm which helps keep your skin’s moisture barrierintact.  Recirculated cabin air isnotoriously drying, and germ ridden. Skinny & Co.’s formula consists of coconut oil, beeswax, cocoabutter, and vitamin E to prevent painful cracks and chapping that allowbacteria into your body.  A three pack ofthis lip balm goes for $15.


·     Becomfortable by using Slip’s pure silk pillow and eye mask to keep tangles,flyaways, and sleep creases at bay. Slip’s Beauty Sleep to Go! Travel Set costs $120 on Slip’s website.


·     Protectyour ears from changing air pressure on takeoff and landing, especially duringcold and flu season when congestion can result in all types of ear aches andpains.  Pluggerz travel specific earplugsalleviate the pressure and prevent ears from popping while in the air.  Pluggerz Uni-Fit earplugs are sold for $10


·     Corralyour cords with a waxed canvas pencil case from Aseismanos.  At 7&1/2” long by 2&1/2” wide, itwill hold a small two port plug, an extra long phone cord, and a small chargingcable or two.  This small pencil casegoes for $28 on Aseismanos’ website.


·     Reduceswelling, improve circulation, and give your tired legs an energy boost withcompression socks.  VIM & VIGRcompression socks come in colorful patterns in cotton, nylon, and merino woolfor men and women.  They sell at a rangeof prices from $20 to $34.


·     Staywarm while flying with a light, quilted down filled 50” by 70” blanket fromSparrow & Wren.  The Sparrow &Wren Packable Down Throw is on sale for $45 on Bloomindales’ website.


·     If youtravel with too many items for one central organizer, split your gear between afew smaller pouches.  The accessory bagsfrom Topo Designs are ideal to stash eye drops, lip balm, and pain medicationin the smaller pouch; hand sanitizer, lotion, and a compact in the next size up;and laptop chargers, power cords, and social media equipment in thelargest.  These bags are made fromdurable Cordura fabric, come with bright red zipper pulls, and will withstandpotential snags and tears. This set of three bags are priced from $15 at TopoDesigns’ website.
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