Tips on Handling Travel Stress

While cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages maketravel affordable, many travelers ended up feeling uneasy by the time theyarrive at their destinations.

Feeling foggy headedness is not unusual as a result oflanding in a new place, particularly in a new time zone.  Sometimes it is hard to focus on anythingelse until those mental clouds recede.

The following are some suggestions based on Ayurveda (anancient approach to holistic health) on how to overcome the wear and tear thattravel takes on your body and mind, according to Liza Weisstuch:

·     Foster agood relationship with the environment at your destination and have a solidunderstanding of your body and the ingredients in things you use.  Be aware of your surroundings and your placein them.


·     Getgrounded at your destination.  Take yourshoes off and walk around, preferably in a grassy area.  Walking in local grass or sand with feetdirectly in connection with the earth helps deal with jet lag and directs thebody’s focus to your current environment. Take in the local sun, the local air, and the local topography.  All these factors contribute to gettingyourself adjusted to your new setting.


·     Eatlocal to help you acclimate to your surrounds. Within reason, by eating and drinking locally, so long as you feel safe,you will thrive faster in a new environment.


·     Outsmartjetlag by washing your hair.  Massageyour head with oil before shampooing so your hair and skin will better reset.


·     Purifyfrom the inside out by incorporating copper into your daily life which has astrong internal cleansing effect, resulting in increased metabolism andimmunity building.  This can beaccomplished by carrying a copper bottle for drinking water throughout the dayand keeping water in a copper mug overnight to drink the next day. 


·     Add atongue scraper to your daily routine. Use an elongated horseshoe shaped tool to scrape impurities from thetongue, leading to healthier gums and better overall dental health.  Swish sesame oil each morning for furtherpurifying effects.


·     Jumpstart your immune system by adding ginger, turmeric, honey, and anything ironbased such as spinach and beets. Identify ways to enhance your body’s capacity to absorb and processthese healthful ingredients.  Forexample, turmeric is better absorbed with black pepper, and even more so withfood.  Enjoy tea with the spice, blackpepper, and almond milk.
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