Make Your Flight Attendant Your Ally

After reviewing your cheap travel optionsby checking out cheapairplane tickets, cheapfares, cheapdeals, discounthotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould give a little thought as to how to make your flight attendant yourfriend on your next flight.

Why?  Often flightattendants have the flexibility to reward select passengers with a freecocktail or even a seat upgrade.  Even ifyou do not receive any tangible reward, kindness to the flight crew can be yourcontribution to civility and goodwill in the skies.

The following are suggestions on how you can endear yourselfto your flight crew, according to Deb Hopewell:

·     Be niceand look your flight attendant in the eye. It is as easy as smiling and saying hello to the cabin crew when yourstep through your plane’s door.


·     Be readyand get whatever items you will want while in the air out of your bag beforeboarding.  Or plan ahead and bring aseparate “seat sack” with those items already pack separately.  By not blocking the aisle to pull a varietyof “things” out of your carry-on while blocking everyone waiting to get totheir seats behind you, fellow passengers will get to their seats quicker andyour flight crew will be happy.


·     Checkany bag if you are not physically capable of lifting it into the overhead.  Most airlines have strict rules prohibitingcabin crew from helping with bags because of injuries caused by repeated heavylifting.  Also, on time departures are amajor goal of all airlines and the number one cause for delay is baggage.


·     Make apoint to be seen but not heard by your flight attendant by usingearphones.  However, when crew membersare walking down the aisle with food or drinks take at least one of yourearbuds out so that you can hear them.  Ifyou do not want service, then signal that. 


·     If youare traveling with children, come onto the plane with everything you need tokeep them happy and occupied including toys, puzzles, videos, and food thatthey like.  Cabin crew are notbabysitters and should not be asked to hold a baby while the parent goes to thebathroom.


·     Letflight attendants help you, if needed. If you are a fearful flyer, or are feeling sick, say something.  By law attendants are not allowed to dispenseany medications but they can help make passengers more comfortable and whennecessary help prevent a recent meal from ending up in your or a neighbor’slap.


·     Do notbe a space invader and monopolize an attendant’s time in the galley.  If you need to go to the galley to stretch ona long flight, please ask first and keep it brief.



·     Policeyourself and remember that there is no excuse for rude or boorish behavior on aplane.  When such behavior occurs eitherignore it or resolve it politely.  Flightattendants cannot tell a passenger to put his or her seat forward.  Nor can they force people to change seatsbecause you want to sit next to your wife/husband/friend. 


If a child behind you keep kicking your feetor the tray table behind your seat, ask the parent, without beingconfrontational, to be aware of the problem because flight attendants can’tresolve this problem either.


·     Flightattendants first job is keeping passengers safe in the air, and they appreciateit when they have your attention while explaining the safety rules of theplane.  If a passenger has not buckledhis or her seatbelt, or a seat is reclined on takeoff or landing, that couldmean a flight attendant’s job.  There are“ghost” riders on planes, unknown to the cabin crew, whose job is to makecertain that flight attendants are enforcing the rules.


·     Attendantsappreciate it when passengers board and de-plane as quickly as possible.  They are paid only for the time they workwhen the planes’ doors are locked.  Haveyour shoes on, your things pulled together, and be ready to get up when it isyour turn to walk off the plane.

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