Pack the “Essentials” for Overseas Travel

After initially planning your international trip by reviewingcheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, youshould create a specific packing list for trips abroad.

The following list recommended by Ed Hewitt does not includebasics like socks or underwear, instead focusing on essentials such ascompression socks for long international flights to adapters for foreignelectrical outlets:

·     Acurrent passport is a must.  Remembermany countries require that a passport be valid for at least six months afteryour arrival date in those countries.  Itis critical to take care of any passport issues well ahead of your departuredate, then put it at the top of your international packing list, and finallyactually pack it.


·     A backupcopy of your passport can bail you out if you lose your passport.  Instead of carrying a physical copy of yourpassport that might get lost, send yourself a copy of your passport to an emailaccount that is always accessible online, or upload it to a storage servicesuch as Amazon Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or other similar service.


·     If youpurchase travel insurance, make certain to keep this information accessibleboth on your person and in a remote location, preferably accessible online asdescribed above.  Be aware that yourpersonal car and medical insurance likely will not cover you overseas.  Reputable trip insurance providers includeAllianz and Travel Guard.


·     Pack auniversal adapter that comes with not only a bunch of different plugs built inthat will work in various countries but also comes with at least one USB slot,which will mean you do not have to bring dedicated chargers for your phone,tablet, and other electronics.  Wellregarded adapters include ones from Unidapt, LKY Digital, and SublimeWare.


·     Bring adevice that will create a MiFi hotspot to reduce anxieties about data usagecosts, international roaming fees, getting lost, and staying in touch withfamily and friends.  One of the mostpopular options for a mobile hotspot is from GlobalMe.
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