Take the Stress Out of Travel

As much as cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, maketravel affordable for the masses, some travelers are plagued by stress when onthe road wondering about such things as “Did I lock the front door?”

The following anxiety reducing travel products will help yourelax on your future trips, secure in the knowledge that everything is OK,according to Shannon McMahon:

·     NestHome Monitoring accessories enables you to see who is at your home door whenyou are away on demand or get notified only if something goes wrong.  These accessories can be tailored to eachperson’s needs.  Security cameras can beinstalled inside and/or out, a smart thermostat and upgraded smoke alarmsempower users to access what is going on at home on a cell phone through theNest app.


·     Areliable travel wallet or purse will organize all the cards you need, as wellas your passport if required.  ArdenCove’s anti-theft bags have enough space for your necessities as well as aslash proof chain link strap. Travelambo’s RFID-Blocking Leather Passport Holder is ideal if you only needa few card slots to accompany your passport.


·     Luggagelocks can often come in handy when traveling for reasons ranging from leavingyour bags at hotel reception, or for renting a locker at an airport orhostel.  Depending on your needs, pack asmall or more durable combination lock (you do not want to have to worry aboutlosing a key) in your bag just in case. If you plan on placing a lock on your luggage while going throughairport security, make certain that it is TSA approved.


·     A Fitbitis ideal if you want to stay on top of your activity time while traveling oreven track your sleep stats. 


·     Luggagetrackers have become an affordable accessory that enables users to see viatheir cell phones where their bags are at all times.  Smaller trackers like the keychain sized “Tile”are perfect for tracking suitcases and smaller items such as keys or a wallet.


·     Beachsafes help vacationers relax and not worry about leaving valuables on the sandor next to a pool unsupervised.  ConsiderSAFEGO’s portable beach safe, or for something lighter and more discrete, apurse size alternative from Aqua Vault.


·     A backup phone charger is a smart accessory to pack given how digital devices tend todrain quickly.  MyCharge PowerCord fitson a keychain, enabling users to never worry about packing extra battery power.


·     Travelinsurance may be wise during snowy or wet seasons in order to qualify for arefund or rebooking if emergency weather cancels your plans.  Travel insurance can cost as little as a fewdollars per travel day and can save thousands. Consider purchasing the $20 to $50 policies Internet travel companiesoffer on bookings or sign up for standalone insurance on hotels and personalitems.  Allianz Global Assistance is oneof many quality travel insurance companies.


·     Lookinto phone chargers that also weigh luggage such as Oaxis’ Air Scale thatweighs only 5.5 oz.  Airlines arecharging hefty fees for overweight luggage these days.  Portable luggage scales can easily provide aninstant digital reading of a suitcase’s weight simply by lifting your bag viathe device.


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