Ideal Cities for Carless Tourists

Given the many cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,tourists are increasingly opting not to rent a car on their trips.

Part of the reason for this trend is because fewermillennials are getting driver’s licenses than previous generations.  Also, the advent of ride sharing servicessuch as Uber and Lyft have made many a tourist feel less dependent of drivingtheir own cars at their destinations.

Certain cities are doing a much better job of accommodatingcar free travelers.  “MobilityScore” is awebsite that reviews transportation options from any point in 100 U.S.cities.  All users need to do is enter anaddress or click on a map location and it provides a ranked score (number from0-100 that tells users how easy it is to get around) based on how easy (or not)it is to get a bikeshare, bus, taxi, train, Uber and other transportation fromtheir departing locations.

MobilityScore recently rated the best cities for tourists whohave no interest in driving.  Thehighest-ranking cities were generally older cities with established publictransit systems.  New York City came outon top with a score of 95 out of 100. Surprisingly Los Angeles landed in the top 10 in part due to the growthof LA Metro and major changes in mobility as a result of Lyft and Uber.

The following are the U.S. best cities for tourists travelingwithout cars, according to MobilityScore:

1)  New York City withan average Mobility Score of 95

2)  Boston with anaverage MobilityScore of 81

3)  Washington, D.C.with an average MobilityScore of 80

4)  San Francisco withan average MobilityScore of 80

5)  Philadelphia withan average MobilityScore of 70

6)  Los Angeles with anaverage MobilityScore of 65

7)  Chicago with anaverage MobilityScore of 64

8)  Seattle with anaverage MobilityScore of 64

9)  Denver with anaverage MobilityScore of 58

10)  Baltimore with anaverage MobilityScore of 57

11)  Charlotte, N.C.with an average MobilityScore of 57

12)  Detroit with anaverage MobilityScore of 56

13)  Milwaukee with anaverage MobilityScore of 56

14)  Atlanta with anaverage MobilityScore of 55

15)  Dallas with anaverage MobilityScore of 55

16)  Minneapolis withan average MobilityScore of 55

17)  Portland, OR, withan average MobilityScore of 53

18)  Miami with anaverage Mobility Score of 51

19) Austin with an average MobilityScore of 51
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