Tips on Eating Street Food Without Getting Sick

After having planned your ideal trip by reviewing available cheap travel optionsincluding cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, onceyou reach your destination eating street food is a great way to jump into a newculture.

Street food is almost always readily available and often muchcheaper than restaurant fare.  Eatingstreet food around the world is a good way to overcome the feeling of beingjust another tourist. 

As satisfying and delicious as street food can be, not allsuch food is healthy.  Finding the beststreet food also means knowing which street foods to avoid.  The following are tips for finding andenjoying the best street food around the world, according to Jamie Ditaranto:

·     Be waryof the water being used to cook food. Unsafe drinking water is one of the most common causes of travelerillnesses abroad.  When traveling to anycountry with a dubious tap water situation, you should avoid drinking thatwater and order all your drinks without ice. You should also avoid eating fruits and vegetables that may have beenwashed in unsafe water.  Skip salads andopt for something grilled, fried, or boiled.


·     Get in along line, especially if you see locals doing the same, when deciding where toorder street food.  Vendors who have thebest street food are invariably the most popular.  If the stand has multiple people workingbehind the counter, that is a sign the food is moving fast and likely to befresh throughout the day.


·     When indoubt, take a tour.  Language barriersand a lack of knowledge about local cuisine, can make navigating any new foodmarket a daunting task.  The easiest wayto learn about the best food available is to sign up for a tour on your firstday at your destination and have a local guide show you around.  Another plus of a tour is that guides can letyou know if you are overpaying or underpaying for your food.
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