Weird Amazon Travel Products

Once you have prepared for your upcoming trip by reviewing cheap travel optionsincluding cheapairplane tickets, cheapdeals, cheap auto rentals, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, you mightwant to check out some of the unusual, but surprisingly useful for travelproducts offered by Amazon.

The following may seem to be unusual things to buy on Amazonthat may intrigue you and maybe even come in handy the next time you travel,according to Ashley Rossi:

·     Plastictravel toothbrush holder case ($13) will save you both packing space andcounter space at your hotel.  The plastictube is a sanitary toothbrush and toothpaste holder, with a top that pops offto serve as a drinking cup.


·     Naturalbamboo charcoal odor eliminator ($12) can be used to freshen up clothes andshoes.  Bamboo charcoal absorbs andeliminates any, and all odors so your suitcase will not stink from your dirtyclothes during your travels.


·     iRingphone grip and mount ($20) serves as a phone grip and comes with a mount for acar or walls to create a quick and easy stand.


·     Cyxusmini-selfie spotlight ($20) is perfect for nighttime and food photography.  All you have to do is clip the device to yoursmartphone and let the LED fill-light work its magic.


·     FootGlide anti blister balm ($8) is a deodorant like stick that can be applieddirectly to feet to help prevent blisters and raw skin caused by rubbing.  Infused with Vitamin A and C to help softenskin and restore dry, chapped, and chafed feet. This is a must take item forany trip that will require a lot of walking.


·     NexGadgetmini cool mist humidifier ($21) is a compact gadget that will easily work inyour hotel room or vacation rental.  Justscrew the device to the top of any standard sized water bottle and you are goodto go.  This humidifier is powered bybatteries or USB charge.


·     Microbeadportable flower shaped pillow ($15) can be manipulated into various positionsto relieve neck, knee, and back problems. It comes with a compress and cover for any icing or heating needs.


·     CrumpledCity Maps ($13) are made of waterproof paper that can be crumpled up and storedvirtually anywhere.  Such maps can comein handy for overseas travel when you want to avoid paying expensive roamingcharges.  Each foldable map providesdetails about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments, museums,art galleries and much more.


·     Minicontact lens kit makes traveling with contacts much easier.  This macaroon shaped container comes with acompact, inner mirror, tweezers, solution vial, and contact lenses case. 


·     emoiportable dim mood lamp ($25) provides atmospheric lighting in your hotel roomor vacation rental.  This mushroom shapedsilicon lamp is soft to the touch so that it will not break in your bag and issmaller than an iPhone 7 Plus.  Itsrechargeable battery will provide light for six hours and the lamp is touchresponsive.


·     Siliconefacial cleansing brush ($89) is a portable cleansing and exfoliatingbrush.  This device uses sonic cleansingto unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells. Its small size makes this strange looking brush ideal for travel, plusthe dual sides also treat signs of aging.


·     DeodorantStones of America Thai Crystal Deodorant ($13) is a stick shaped crystaldeodorant formed from natural mineral salts and contains no chemicals, oils, orfragrances.  Instead of covering up bodyodor, it kills smelly bacteria at the source. To use, wet the stone and apply as you would a normal deodorant.  It dries immediately and does not damageclothing, plus it can be used on your feet.


·     Flexiblehands-free cell phone hanger ($8) is made for rooms that have poorly placedoutlets or germy nightstands.  It createsa place for your phone while it is charging and works well to hold your phonewhen driving and as a desktop stand.


·     RumbleRollerBeastie massage ball ($25) is ideal for travel, particularly during longflights.  It can be used to provide adeep tissue massage on your neck and shoulder or roll it under your feet afterlong walks.


·     Home-X waterbottle with built-in pill box ($11) is made for people who travel with dailymedication.  Its 20-ounce capacity willalso keep you well hydrated.
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