Environmentally Responsible Sunscreen Products

When preparing your next trip to someplace sunny afterchecking out your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, cheapdeals, discounthotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould do a little research into sunscreens.

Recent studies have found that the chemicals in manysunscreens are damaging the environment, particularly coral reefs.  Unfortunately, many sunscreen brands claim tobe “environmentally friendly” without earning the claim.

Throw out any sunscreen with oxybenzone in it, which wasrecently banned in Hawaii, and instead pack some of the following products tohelp protect yourself from the sun:

·     AllCoolibar products have a UPF rating of at least 50+ ensuring your protectionfrom the sun.  This brand was the firstclothing company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendationfor sun protective clothing.  Its beach shawlis an ideal multi-functional piece of sun protection to keep in your beach bag.


·     MadHippie Facial SPF is a popular facial sunscreen that is an award-winning, 100percent natural skin care line.  Its mainingredient is zinc oxide, which provides a safe and effective broad spectrum,physical blocking agent.  Otheringredients include red raspberry seed oil, avocado oil, carrot seed oil,vitamins C and E, and ferulic acid.


·     The ShihreenUV protective full brim hat is made of a cotton blend fabric that provides faceand scalp sun protection and bounces back in shape after being stuffed in abag.


·     Zannidresses are made of a fabric that actively shields against UV rays.  They are sourced from a sustainable mill inItaly.  These dresses are stylish,minimalist, and trans-seasonal.


·     BoomBoomAthletica Bubble Mesh Hoodies use UV protective fabrics from specializedfactories in the E.U.  They are coolenough to wear in the heat and stylish enough to wear outside of a gym.


·     SmartWoolmen’s everyday Exploration short sleeve Henley and Women’s merino 150 Baselayertops are made of merino wool which is a cooling fabric in the summer because ofits moisture management, breathability, and odor resistance.  Merino wool is also naturally UV blocking.


·     SunskiSeacliff polarized sunglasses provide affordable, lightweight, environmentallyfriendly sun protection for eyes.  Itsframes are made from recycled plastic and the company donates one percent ofsales to environmental non-profits. 


·     DYLNLiving water bottle is reusable and protects sun worshipers from thedehydrating effects of the sun while reducing plastic waste.  This bottle alkalizes water via a diffuserwhich help maintain a body’s acid-alkaline homeostasis and provides healthbenefits including improving memory, promoting cardiovascular health, aidingwith digestion, and boosting the immune system. It also “micro-clusters” water to help with greater hydration.  Its replaceable diffuser lasts for 400refills and the bottles are made of stainless steel, free of BPA and plastic.


·     PlayaNatural Endless Summer Spray enhances “beach hair” while filtering out harmfulrays.  It helps protect hair and scalpwith a natural UV filter shield.  Playa’sproducts are all paraben-, sulfate-, and cruelty-free.


·     AellaAnkle Skinny Pants and blazers are made of a Matte Skin fabric that isUPF/UV-protective, as well as stretchy, wrinkle resistant, breathable, andmachine washable.  Aella is well knownfor its comfortable and sun protective work wear.


·     Thanakapowder is made of pulverized bark and is revered for its sun protection andantibacterial qualities.  This powdernaturally filters harmful UV light and can be used as an organic and naturalsunscreen when mixed with water. 

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