Must Have Weekend Getaway Gear

After having carefully planned an affordable quick vacationby thoroughly reviewing your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, itwould be a shame to arrive only to discover that you neglected to packessentials that would have brought you comfort and joy on your trip.

The following are travel essentials that help make the mostout of quick two-day jaunts, from packing to transit to maximizing your time atyour destination according to Maya Stanton:

Start with a proper bag such as a classic looking cottoncanvas weekender such as the “Catalina Deluxe Small” ($128 from loaandsons)that is roomy enough to hold your necessities for a short trip and has multiplepockets to keep things organized.  Itcomes with a sleeve that lets it slip over a suitcase handle for easy transportand a zippered compartment that can hold at least two pairs of shoes apart fromthe rest of your clothes.  Best of allthis bag weighs under two pounds.

Given luggage space is at a premium for weekend travelers,their accessories need to be able to perform multiple duties.  Pack a lightweight, high-absorbency Turkishtowel such as the “Perfect Classic Turkish Towel” ($36 from thebalimarket).  At 40” x70” this towel can be used as a beachor bath towel and takes much less space that terry cloth.  Woven from quick drying cotton, this thintextile can also serve as a wrap, scarf, or throw for a chilly plane, train, orbus ride, and rolls up to almost nothing.

Pack a stash bag to hold a wet bath suit as well as yourTurkish towel. The “Tropical Palm Extra Large Cosmetic Bag” ($28 fromneedleandoak) has a beachy, tropical print, and a vinyl coated, waterproofinterior, large enough to hold sunscreen as well.

An eye mask is a must pack accessory, if you require pitchblack darkness to get a good sleep.  The“Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask” ($13 from amazon) comes with contoured foam eyecups that let you blink without messing up your makeup or putting unduepressure on your lids.

Be sure to pack a waterproof, drop-proof Bluetooth speakersuch as “SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker” ($100 from Bose) that is slightlysmaller than 4” x 4” and weighs under a pound. This speaker offers a huge, bass heavy sound in a tiny, silicone rubberwrapped package.  With six hours ofbattery life, a tear resistant strap for hands free portability, and an appthat can control the volume, pair another speaker, and switch between musiclibraries in various devices, this is just the accessory to get the partystarted wherever you are.

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