Smart Packing Tips

Travelers often can find cheap travel optionssuch as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, mucheasier than find the perfect travel accessories to safely pack all of theirbelonging.

The following are packing tips from Eram Siddiqui, thefounder of Hudson + Bleecker, that will streamline your next getaway:

·     Pack nomore than three pairs of shoes.  Thisrule is efficient, takes the guesswork out of what to pack, and saves a lot ofroom in bags.  Pack one pair for a nightout on the town, one comfortable pair (sandals or ballet flats for women) togive your feet a break, and a pair of sneakers or runners for a run or hike.


·     Pre-packa bag of TSA-friendly (3.4 oz or less) toiletries thereby ensuring they arepermanently ready to roll through security. By having a toiletry bag pre-packed you will be able to take off at amoment’s notice which is a significant time saver, particularly for frequenttravelers.


·     Bring apaper copy of your passport whether it is a quick domestic flight or a longhaul.  It is also smart to keep a copy ofyour passport at home or with a relative.


·     Ship theheavy stuff.  To avoid overpacking andpaying outrageous baggage fees, ship any new heavy treasures you purchaseduring your trip home whenever possible.


·     Usepacking cubes.  The reality is that themore organized and compartmentalized your luggage is, the more enjoyable thetrip.  If you are traveling solo, use apacking cube to separate your apparel from your intimates.  If you are traveling with children or family,pack one cube per traveler.  Shoe bagstend to work great when packing for little kids.  The objective is to avoid having to digthrough a never-ending pile of clothing and being able to unpack your bags inunder five minutes.


·     Designatean “essentials” pocket in your luggage that holds everything you need to beable to access quickly.  Pack a smallpouch with Chapstick, a small hand lotion, eyedrops, ibuprofen, and a smallpair of socks so if you need to refresh along the way you can grab what youwant easily.


·     Alwayspack a sweater or a wrap.  Even whenheaded to a tropical paradise in the middle of the summer, be smart and readyto swaddle yourself.  Airplanes and hotelrooms tend to be cold.  Pack eitherblack, gray or neutral colors which will go with almost anything.
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