Tips on Improving Your Next Hotel Stay

While many an affordable trip started off properly with asearch of cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, somesavvy travelers are consistently treated better at hotels than other tourists.

The following are tips from hotel front desk staffers,according to Sarah Schlichter:

·     Hotelstend to have “stuff” that most guests do not think to borrow.  While many guests realize that they canrequest toiletry items from the front desk, hotels often have some, if not all,of the following items: phone chargers, adapters, safety pins, umbrellas,Band-Aids, tampons, nail files, hair ties, lint rollers, razors, hairstraighteners, pod-style coffee machines, video game consoles, andearplugs.  Many hotels also offer pillowmenus that are not always advertised in the rooms.


·     Do notassume that you will be able to get into your room early.  One of the biggest pet peeves of hotel front deskemployees is guests demanding early access to their rooms.  It can help to let your hotel know in advancewhen you will be arriving, but depending on how busy the hotel is, earlycheck-in cannot be guaranteed. 


·     Althoughupgrades, discounts, and perks are never guaranteed, it never hurts toask.  The power of asking nicely ishuge.  Make a point of communicating ifyou are in town for a special occasion and request what you are lookingfor.  Being specific helps.  Ask if you want a room upgrade, or if theycan send up complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne forspecial occasions. By being straightforward and nice, your hotel might eventhrow in another amenity.  If you sense thatthe front desk personnel are limited in what they can offer, politely ask tospeak to a manager.  For best results,make your request as early as possible, ideally during your initial booking.


·     Rememberthat hotel guests often get what they pay for. The cheapest possible rate might be attractive, but it will also likelyresult in you being placed in a lesser room.


·     Being afrequent hotel guest pays off. If you travel frequently to the same city, it issmart staying at the same hotel each time and developing a relationship withthe front desk staff.  Regular guestsoften are given additional perks.


·     Hotelfront desk staffers appreciate tips.  Ifa front desk agent is able to do something extra to make your stay moreenjoyable, give them a couple of bucks as a thank you. 


·     Rememberhotel staff tends to go the extra mile for guests who are friendly andkind.
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