Plan an Affordable/Memorable Honeymoon

More goes into planning an affordable honeymoon that you willremember fondly for a lifetime than simply reviewing your cheap travel optionsincluding cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages.

While honeymoons are romantic, they are often alsoexpensive.  Couples are spending anaverage of over $5,300 on their honeymoons, on top of what they are spending ontheir weddings, which costs on average over $33,000 nationally.

The following are ways to trim your honeymoon budget withouttaking away from the romance of this once in a lifetime (hopefully) event,according to Daniel Bortz:

·     Bookyour flights early.  Travelers typicallyfind the best prices by reserving flights at least three weeks in advance.  A 2018 report commissioned by Expedia and theAirlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), which examined billions of data points toidentify travel patterns found that the cheapest times to make air reservationsis 30 plus days in advance.


·     Avoidpaying foreign transaction fees by not using credit cards that charge up to a 3percent fee of foreign transactions. Always travel with a credit card that charges no foreign transactionfees.  Keep in mind that somedestinations, such as Cuba, do not accept U.S. based bank or credit cards,which means you will have to arrive with cash if you are visiting one of thoselocales.


·     Select adestination where the exchange rate is favorable.  You may want to consider honeymooning inArgentina, Sweden, or Nigeria, where the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar isexpected to decrease by double digits in 2019. 


·     Travelduring the shoulder season which is between the high and low season.  Although shoulder seasons vary when travelingabroad, most airfares and hotel rates in the U.S. drop in popular summerdestinations as summer turns to fall, especially in beach towns, NationalParks, and theme parks.


·     If youwant to plan a fixed cost honeymoon, consider booking an all-inclusive resortwhere your room, meals, drinks, taxes, and airport transfers are paid for asone flat fee.  Remember that by stayingat an adults only resort you will increase your chances for romance.  There you can enjoy candlelit dinners for twoand couples’ massages without the disruption of children nearby.


·     Takeadvantage of free entertainment by attending free museums and events.  Nearify, a free mobile app, compileshappenings in hundreds of cities, and can help find free events near yourlocation.  Many cities offer free walkingtours, which can be found on Google and the website FreeToursByFoot.


·     Redeemdiscounts for members of frequent flier programs, credit card holders, andorganizations such as AAA and AARP.


·     If youneed a bigger budget, look into creating a honeymoon registry to supplementyour travel expenses.  Having thisregistry makes it easier for your family and friends to donate cash for yourhoneymoon.  Most wedding registrywebsites, including WeddingWire and The Knot, let couples set up a honeymoonregistry along with their gift registry.
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