Take a Minimalist Approach to Packing

Once you have started off right by first checking available cheap travel optionsincluding cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,consider packing light before departing on your trip.

The reality is that too many people are burdened by “stuff”when they travel, are “slaves to fashion,” and pack more clothes than they willever need.  Minimalist packing results incarrying less and not having to spend all that time wondering what to wear eachday.  Downsizing is good for theenvironment and allows travelers to focus on the reasons for their trips,whether traveling for business or pleasure.

The following are suggestions on from a leading expert (ScottJordan the founder of SCOTTeVEST) on how to pack light:

·     Takeinventory and before you start packing place everything you want to take on atable.  Then ask yourself if you usedeach item the last time you traveled and if yes, how often.  If you did not need it, then do not bringit.  Most people pack 30 to 40 percentmore that they require for a trip.  Bypacking less, the quality of your trip improves.  The end result is less thinking, fewerdecisions, and less clutter.


·     Do notcheck any bags.  Checked luggage isexpensive and the airline could lose your bag. Make sure you wear/pack pants made from a fast-drying material so thatthey can be washed by hand.


·     Pick anelectronic device and stick with it. Gadgets such as an iPhone X are small and do almost everything that atablet or laptop can do.  Remember topack an adequate power supply (chargers and adapters) and have a good dataplan.


·     Dressingtips for the road include:

1.  Go dark. Muted, dark colors go with everything.  Leave specialized, single-purpose clothingbehind.  Blacks and grays can be mixedand match together and will work for any occasion.


2.  Be timeless. Find clothes with a classic fit that withstand the test of time, such asa dark blue blazer and a pair of chinos.


3.  If you have to think about whether you arebringing to much, you almost certainly are. A seven-day trip should require no more than four shirts, two pairs ofpants, and three pairs of socks and underwear.

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