Increase Your Odds of Surviving a Plane Accident

After you have properly prepared for your next vacation byreviewing cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould make certain that everyone in your party is aware of and will follow thesafety rules on every flight.

The good news is that the chances of surviving a plane accidentare quite high.  95.7 percent of thepassengers (51,207 out of 53,487) involved in a plane incident around the worldbetween 1983 and 2000 survived.  However,if you want to be one of the lucky survivors in a plane accident that you needto follow the rules, according to Nicole Spector:

·     Payattention to the safety demo before takeoff, even if you think you know itall. 


·     Read thesafety card place in the pocket of the seat in front of you.  It is important to read this because itcontains guidelines and details specific to the type of airplane you areon.  These cards specify where exits arelocated and how to open the window exit. Depending on the plane, you either toss an exit door on your seat orthrow it out of the plane.  These exitdoors are heavy, and you need to know to rotate the handle and pull it inward.


·     Checkyour safety gear by taking the time to acknowledge the air mask and reachunderneath the seat to know where the life jacket is.  This way in the rare event of an emergency,you will know exactly where to find it and can confidently follow procedures.


·     Trustflight attendants.  They are trained tosave your life.  These professionals aretrained to perform a range of medical tasks from basic CPR to delivering ababy.  They are totally familiar withyour plane and receive annual safety training.


·     Whenseated keep your seatbelt buckled.  Thereis a mistaken tendency by many fliers to only fasten their seatbelts when thelight alerting them to do so is on.  Ininstances of a rapid decompression, people’s lives are saved because they havetheir seatbelts on.


·     Remainsober so you can be alert.  It is veryimportant not to freak out if something goes wrong in the air and to remaintotally alert.  By staying sober in anemergency, you will be able to coherently follow all airline personnel directions.


·     Donothing unless told by the crew during a flight emergency.  Trying to be of service can inadvertentlyinterfere with the people trained to help and distract other passengers fromimportant messages.


·     Wearsturdy shoes or sneakers on planes.  Ifyou must evacuate your plane down a slide and run from a burning aircraft, youwant to be in shoes that will let you run. The last thing you want is to be in flip flops or barefoot.


·     Do nottry to get on your laptop or phone during an emergency.  In any emergency passengers need to befocused on listening to any information from the flight crew without anydistractions.  You need to keep yourlaptop and other personal items stowed because otherwise they could impede anevacuation during which time is very limited.
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