Tips on how to Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Tipson how to Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages canbe more difficult to find the week of Thanksgiving given that it is one of thebusiest travel periods of the years, with tens of millions of people flyingbetween November 16th and 27th.

This does not mean that you have to be resigned to payingtop dollar when making reservations.  Thefollowing are money saving holiday travel tips from Robert Firpo-Cappiello:

·     Thecheapest flight dates are between November 16th to the 20thor on Thanksgiving Day itself.  Ideallydon’t fly home until Monday, November 26th or Black Friday, the dayafter Thanksgiving when people are busy shopping.


·     Whileit is late to buy Thanksgiving airline tickets, don’t despair.  Look for last minute deals and be flexiblewith your travel dates and airports.  Coastto coast flights under $500 are still available.


·     Becautious in buying tickets from really low-cost airlines.  While their rock bottom basic fares tend tolook terrific, you will be charged extra for everything from selecting a seat,to checking bags, and possibly even for your carry-on bag.  This should not mean that you should avoidsuper low-cost flights, rather that you need to read the terms and conditionsand know what your total cost of travel will be prior to finalizing yourpurchase.


·     Considertreating yourself to a hotel for Thanksgiving. Many a survey has found that at least 70 percent of travelers admit thatthey do not like staying with relatives over Thanksgiving.  Hotels tend to be underbooked aroundThanksgiving and often you can find attractive deals even at the lastminute.  Hotels that cater to businesstravelers, such as suites and airport hotels, tend to offer particularlyaffordable prices on holiday, and non-holiday, weekends.


·     Bydriving at night, you will run into less traffic, can let your kids sleep, and youcan catch a nap before Thanksgiving dinner.


·     If youare traveling to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, take publictransportation or park your vehicle on the far West Side of Manhattan and headfor Central Park West below 77th Street, where the parade starts outwith high energy, giant balloons, marching bands, and iconic views of the park.

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