Tips for Dealing with Long Flights

Cheap traveldeals, such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages oftenare the inducement to take long flights. Six hour flights across the country or much longer flights overseasacross several time zones can be taxing on your body.

What you eat and drink in the air will have a direct impacton how you feel when you land. Nutritionexperts recommend the following so that you arrive at your destination withmore energy:

  • Make apoint of eating lean protein. Given thatairline food is often meager, bring food on the plane with you. Lean protein foods such as boneless, skinlesschicken, turkey breast, hard-boiled egg whites, and lean fish such as tuna willgive you energy and keep you feeling full. Other high protein food includes roasted edamame, lean turkey or beefjerky, as well as peel and eats tuna or salmon.

  • Avoidprocessed and fried food, sugary items, and white bread. Such foods tend to make people feel tired,unsettled, and unsatisfied.

  • Drinkplenty of water before departure, while on the plane, and when you reach yourdestination. Pack a bottle in yourcarry-on and fill it after going through security. Skin tone improves with adequate hydration. Drinking lots of water helps travelers lookfresh when they land. Avoid alcohol andcaffeine which can be dehydrating and interfere with your sleep cycle. Remember alcohol adds calories and makestravelers feel sluggish.

  • Partakein fruits and vegetables which are full of water. Fruit has healthy sugars. If you choose not to bring fresh produce fromhome, you can often find such food at many airports. Alternatively consider bringing freeze driedfruits vs. dried, because dried fruit has a high concentration of sugar and nota lot of fiber.

  • Whilein the air snack on nuts. Ideally youshould bring almonds or walnuts from home separated into small portions,because they are high in calories. Almonds tend to satisfy a persons hunger while providing energy.

  • Takingfrequent bathroom breaks as a result of drinking lots of water is good foryou. Getting up and walking aroundduring a long flight helps kick start your energy. To further wake up at your destination, avoidthe moving sidewalks and trains between terminals. Walking helps get rid of groggy feelings andrevs up your body after so much high altitude sitting.
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