Things Stewardesses Wish Passengers Knew

Often travelers seem to be more knowledgeable when it comesto finding cheap travel dealssuch as cheap airplanetickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, thanthey are about things that make flight attendants grit their teeth.

The following are things that they wish that passengersknew:

  • TheGolden Age of air travel is a thing of the past. Flying is not what it used to be. While some airlines continue to serve sodaand light snacks, even that is not free on all airlines. Passengers would be wise to plan ahead andpack themselves heathy snacks to eat in the air.

  • Thefloors in cabin are dirty even though they are swept to pick up crumbs. There is much unseen left lingering. Lavatory floors are even worse in partbecause unanticipated turbulence affects male passengers aim as they stand topee.

  • Passengerbehavior can be pretty gross. Passengershave been known to try to hand flight attendants dirty diapers, put their dirtybare feet on walls, and/or throw trash on the floor.

  • Fliersneed to bring their own pills. Attendants are not allowed to dispense medicine. Customers need to provide and remember topack their own aspirin and any other desired medicine, regardless of whetherwhat they want is non-prescription.

  • It isdangerous to stand on a plane during taxi. Offending passengers face potential injury when standing while a planeis moving after having landed. Thebenefit of possibly saving up to a couple of minutes de-planning is not worththe risk of injury. Fliers often do notrealize that they could fall down, hit themselves or other passengers, or dosomething even worse when trying to take a bag down from an overhead bin whilethe plane is still in motion.

  • Flightattendants must follow the same rules as passengers. For example, no one is allowed to use therestroom during significant turbulence.

  • Thedays of being a flight attendant being glamorous are long past. These employees often have not been home indays. Their layovers are frequentlyshort, leaving them tired, and they seldom eat meals at consistent times.

  • Flightattendants still tend to love their jobs and a simple smile and thank youwill often make their day.
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