Stay Fit While Traveling with Superfoods

It is surprising how many savvy travelers are well versedin the ways of finding cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, andyet fail to eat healthy while traveling.

Certain foods commonly referred to as superfoods are fullof vitamins and other health benefits that can prevent common travel stomachproblems. Including any of the followingfoods into your diet before and during travel will help you enjoy a heathierand happier trip, according to Jamie Ditaranto:

  • Quinoais one of the most popular superfoods. It is easy to find this grain in crackers, breads and cereal. Quinoa is high in fiber and iron, making itideal in combating altitude sickness. Bykeeping your diet iron rich you will be able to minimize any nausea caused byaltitude.

  • Lemonsare rich in Vitamin C and act as an immune booster to help ward offer feversand colds.

  • Beetshelp travelers boost their stamina which is a real plus for tourists who spendlong days sightseeing while also trying to combat jet-lag after a long flightwith little, or no sleep.

  • Darkcherries are an ideal mid-flight snack if your desire is to sleep while flying. Dark cherries contain a natural source ofmelatonin, which eases nervous systems and helps people fall asleep

  • Cantaloupeis considered a super fruit because it is rich in Vitamin C and potassium,which helps provide more energy. It alsocontains adenosine, which is known to reduce the effect of altitude sickness.

  • Gingerhelps deal with almost any ailment. It aidsmuscles being able to relax, reduces headaches, relieves congestion, easesstomachs, and when ground up and applied as a paste can help treat sundamage. Ginger can be incorporated inmeals or be part of a cup of tea.

  • Persimmonsare very tasty and good for people. Thissweet fruit aids in the creation of red blood cells which reduces the chancesof experiencing motion or altitude sickness.

  • Peppermintis an excellent way to fight off feeling nauseous or suffering from digestionpains. Peppermint, similar to ginger,can be drunk as tea or can be chewed via mint leaves to relieve nausea.

  • Yogurtis an excellent food to deal with an upset stomach. Indigestion is common when travelers aretrying a lot of new and foreign foods. Probiotic yogurts are filled with good bacteria that support a healthydigestive system.

  • Gojiberries are tart small berries that make an ideal snack to keep in travelbags. These berries provide a naturalsource of energy and help ward off sickness by boosting the immune system andcirculation.

  • Bananasprovide a great source of energy in the morning and also serve as musclerelaxants. By being rich in potassiumand magnesium, bananas support the production of melatonin.

  • Turmericwhich is related to the ginger plant is a healthy and powerful spice. It supports immune systems as well ascirculation. This spice is easy to addto any meal prior to your flight.
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